Industry Expertise

SEI delivers quality results tailored to your needs. Our highly collaborative culture empowers our consultants to leverage the collective industry experience of SEI consultants nationwide – from financial services to higher education.

Communications & Media

With today’s rapidly evolving technology and research trends, channel planning, ROI and attribution tracking, retaining top talent, and cost control have become more challenging. We can help you stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly fragmented and competitive landscape.

Consumer Products

Volatile consumer demand, product safety regulations, and narrowing margins are all critical challenges facing consumer product companies. We offer solutions to help manage data governance, operational and compliance risk mitigation, and supply chain efficiencies.

Financial Services

In addition to supporting traditional risk management, compliance, and growth initiatives, we help our financial services clients to better position themselves for success in a competitive landscape where technologies, security, and customer expectations are rapidly changing.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

We understand our healthcare clients are tasked with a “triple aim” of lowering costs, improving outcomes, and achieving better coordination in care delivery, while biotech and pharmaceutical companies are challenged with bringing new and improved therapies to the market at affordable prices. We turn these goals into realities.

Higher Education

We work with globally recognized institutions to prioritize and execute complex communication and technology projects aimed at strengthening the connection and efficiency of administration, faculty, and student communities.


In order to maximize revenue and minimize risk for the long-term, it’s critical for hospitality companies to find solutions to the challenges caused by employee turnover and rapidly changing technology. We work to our clients to gain efficiencies and improve ROI through talent retention and technology adoption.


Manufacturers today are faced with expanding global competition, fluctuating oil and transportation costs, and lean margins. We can help make a difference by designing and executing strategic projects to improve supply chain efficiencies while adhering to compliance regulations.

Public Sector

Government agencies and charitable non-profits face intense pressure to meet increasing community needs and talent demands while adhering to strict governance practices.  We work with our public sector clients to execute critical projects to support these initiatives that serve our communities.

Retail & E-Commerce

Our deep understanding of retail and e-commerce can help you transform your business — whether that means improving brick and mortar operational efficiencies or developing effective omni-channel and big data strategies.


We’re experts at implementing cutting-edge technological solutions — whether that’s enterprise resource planning, learning management systems, or any custom needs you have. We’ve got you covered with technology and vendor selection, implementation of your chosen software, and training.

Transportation & Logistics

Logistics leaders are managing more variables than ever before: optimizing cost efficiencies to compete with smaller and more agile competitors, meeting consumer demand for timely deliveries, and addressing growing global security concerns. We can partner with you to successfully assess and implement the technology and meet all of your strategic goals.


As telecom becomes more sophisticated, companies need an even higher level of security and privacy protection. We can help you address all your data protection needs to keep pace with the industry.

Service Areas

SEI is proud of the comprehensive offerings we have built to serve our clients over the past 25 years. Our services range from strategic capital planning to the management of the critical projects enabling your success.

Agile Transformation & Delivery

Agile delivery provides companies with an effective alternative to traditional project management. By developing in incremental and iterative bursts, projects can achieve better outcomes with higher customer satisfaction. We offer a full spectrum of Agile services, from plan design to project delivery and training.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

How you manage your data can be your competitive advantage. We will work with you to develop a strategy to transform your data into meaningful and actionable business opportunities. Our services include performing technology and vendor assessments, managing the implementation of your chosen technology, and developing sustainable benchmarking and reporting.

Business Process & Transformation

To remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving competitive landscape, businesses need to continually evaluate and refine their processes. We take a hands-on approach to business process transformation: immersing ourselves in your business so we can appreciate your current challenges, define your transformation strategy, and align it with your business goals.

Change Management

Intellectual capital is your organization’s most valuable asset. However, organizations often have trouble objectively and successfully managing change. We can help you achieve your change management goals by focusing on stakeholder engagement, organizational readiness, training, and communication.

Information Management & Data Governance

As commerce goes digital, proper management of data quality and security has become essential to mitigating risk and meeting your strategic business goals. We can help you design and implement creative solutions to derive value from your data and better position your company to make informed business decisions.

Program & Project Leadership and Execution

We provide unbiased thought leadership, sustainable PMO infrastructure expertise, program governance, fiscal planning, and day-to-day project planning and execution to ensure our clients are meeting their program and project leadership goals.

Strategic Planning

Objective leadership is the key differentiator for developing and executing a successful business strategy. We will partner with your executive team to define your vision and goals, create a taskforce of key stakeholders, and oversee specific and actionable tasks related to the implementation, communication and the monitoring of your strategy.

Vendor & Technology Selection

The process to select a technology and vendor can be daunting. That’s why having an unbiased partner with industry expertise makes a big difference. We provide our clients objective, vendor agnostic end-to-end support — from defining requirements to contract negotiations and implementation management.

Functional Areas

SEI consultants truly care about our client’s success. We embed ourselves in your culture and work cross-functionally, not only with your teams, but with other SEI consultants to identify opportunities across the organization and to position you for success.


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