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Data Strategy

Align data solutions with core business needs


Data Maturity Assessments


Implementation Roadmapping


Organizational Readiness

The Challenge

Organizations struggle to chart a course to actionable insights.

It’s easier than ever to collect massive volumes of high-quality data. Leveraging this data to drive business value is another story. To do so, stakeholders must reconsider how data can elevate outcomes at every level of their organization.

Without a cohesive, comprehensive data strategy in place — one that accounts for everything from simple reporting to sophisticated, efficiency-driving operational enhancements — organizations risk losing out on new opportunities and monetizing valuable insights. Efficient streams of data are important, as are advanced analytical tools and techniques, but transforming data into actionable insights requires an overarching strategy that ensures an organization’s approach to data is aligned with — and drives — business strategy.


Financial Services Company

A financial services company was embarking on a digital transformation initiative that would require a revamp of its core data capabilities. SEI led a collaborative effort between the company’s business and IT teams to prioritize initiatives that would make the greatest impact on the company’s business priorities and digital strategy.

Our Approach

Data strategies that drive value and evolve with your organization.

By working with SEI’s data strategists, an organization places itself on a path to continued data success. Our consultants bring strategic thought leadership spanning multiple focus areas and architect solutions that address everything from reporting and analytics to digital transformations to sophisticated operational capabilities. This flexible, end-to-end approach to data enables us to drive immediate incremental improvements while laying the groundwork for more significant, longer-term results.

In our capacity as strategic advisors, we coach organizations’ teams on asking the right questions — and then answer them through data & analytics. Our goal is not only to arm our clients with a comprehensive data strategy designed to deliver business value, but also to equip them to self-sufficiently drive business outcomes through the strategic use of their data on an ongoing basis.


Insurance Carrier

After taking over a new data group, the IT leadership team of a major insurance company was challenged to enable the organization to leverage data to drive business outcomes. SEI’s strategic guidance enabled the company’s IT leadership team to deliver on seven critical value-driving data initiatives in under eight months.

The Results

Develop data strategies that are tailored to business priorities.

SEI consultants approach data strategy as an exercise in collaborative problem-solving, not just cookie-cutter prescription. We collaborate with stakeholders across all levels of an organization to develop a sustainable and scalable data strategy that is executable and achievable.

At the outset of every data strategy initiative, we conduct in-depth interviews with various stakeholders to establish an organization’s business priorities, assess its organizational readiness, technology, and data capabilities, and set measurable goals for the duration of the engagement. Using our understanding of technology, the organization’s industry, and the organization’s capabilities, our consultants recommend solutions and chalk out roadmaps that are tailored to achieving the desired level of maturity and data capabilities.


Medical Coding Company

A medical coding company wanted to evaluate its IT capabilities to better support its existing operations and unlock new business opportunities. SEI identified opportunities where the company could monetize the data it already had, creating a new revenue stream that opened up the potential to increase overall revenue by 30%.