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Product Management

Optimize the impact and lifecycle of every product


Continuous Improvement


Lifecycle Management


Market Analysis

The Challenge

An outdated approach to product management hampers success.

In today’s fast-paced, highly disrupted markets, companies that maintain a passive approach to product management put the prosperity of their entire organization on the line. End-users expect products and functions that are carefully crafted to address their existing pain points and anticipate future demands — all while promising cost-effectiveness and maintaining high levels of usability.

Without a modern approach to product management that encapsulates detailed consumer analytics and is constructed through the lens of the end-user, many organizations wind up launching products that fail to perform well in the market and fall short of critical KPI goals.

But constructing effective product management strategies that align people, processes, and technology often pose unique challenges for organizations, many of whose operations and teams function in silos. Employees working within engineering, marketing, HR, IT, and beyond are all key stakeholders in the product design process and must be treated as such. Only through extensive cross-functional collaboration and open, candid communication can companies optimize product management and deliver products that move the needle on key business objectives.


Major Cruise Line

A leading global cruise line wanted to modernize their guest experience and boost customer satisfaction ratings. SEI led the transformation, ushering in a new set of guest-facing digital products that helped modernize the cruise experience.

Our Approach

Endorse an inclusive approach to product management to enable cross-functional success.

At SEI, we see product management as the foundation beneath a new building or the long pole in the tent. Simply put, it’s an essential element that dictates the structure and success of any new design.

Our team of experts has extensive experience managing every phase of the product lifecycle. We provide comprehensive leadership from a product’s cradle to grave in order to anticipate and mitigate risks, meet stakeholder and end-user demands, maneuver eleventh-hour curveballs, and deliver against critical requirements.

Through far-reaching design and development processes that incorporate robust market analyses, agile methodologies, and rapid prototyping, we identify end-user requirements, clarify the vision, refine product ideas, prototype, and deliver, ensuring only best-in-class solutions enter the market. This approach allows us to shorten feedback loops, reduce costly rework, and accelerate product launch to meet the needs of eager end-users. But our work is not done once we’ve launched a product. Our seasoned consultants provide leadership coaching, strategic advisory, and lifecycle management that includes continual market research, command of customer analytics, relevant product updates, and sunsetting as needed.

Our data-driven product roadmaps serve as the connective tissue between critical design and development processes and stakeholders’ priorities, holding everyone accountable to deliverables, timelines, and budgets. Pairing proven product management strategies with expert change management, we help break down internal silos and create the structure and cadence necessary to ensure project milestones are efficiently achieved, communication and cross-functional collaboration drive progress, and that key business goals are ultimately met.


Legal Technology Provider

A major legal technology provider experiencing significant development rework and project management uncertainty wanted to develop a new web-based portal to optimize its operations. SEI worked in collaboration with key stakeholders to design a robust new product that met the client’s unique business goals.

The Results

Drive your bottom line with smarter product management.

A static product management strategy will only stymie a company’s success. That’s why our team of product management experts collaborate directly with organizations’ developers, engineers, marketers, sales professionals, and key decision-makers from day one. Through this approach, we identify the collective “why” behind every product, generating alignment to reduce roadblocks that impede time to market.

Our focus on in-depth end-user analysis and rapid prototyping helps companies curtail costs, reduce rework, and mitigate risks by allowing new ideas to fail fast, before significant time and monetary investments have been made. When a product is ready to launch, leaders feel more confident knowing that the right product is meeting end-users’ needs and will move the needle for the business.

Whether we’re managing an internal application to streamline operations or an external one to boost brand loyalty, we deliver consistent, on-site, end-to-end support. For as long as a product is in motion, so are we. As a result, customer loyalty soars and major performance and sales milestones are met, ultimately bolstering the organization’s bottom line.


Major Retailer

A leading national retailer sought to streamline its reporting process through the integration of several business intelligence tools. SEI led the integration efforts, developing comprehensive prototype plans that aligned key stakeholders around a targeted set of business objectives.