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INDUSTRY overview

Navigating the modern utilities industry is no easy undertaking. Businesses and consumers alike rely on the reliable, safe, and continuous generation of power, which requires robust infrastructures and broad-based collaborative efforts on the part of private companies and their stakeholders, municipalities, and a network of vendors. Compounding the inherent challenges of the sector are stringent regulatory requirements and a slew of major trends that stand to transform the industry as we know it. These trends fall largely into three categories: digitization, decarbonization, and decentralization.

Increasingly, utilities attempt to modernize their technical capabilities through advanced metering and new generation technologies while improving their cybersecurity stance. At the same time, they are forced to make long-term decisions about their infrastructures and business models in the midst of a rapidly evolving energy landscape: should they prematurely decommission fossil fuel plants in favor of more environmentally sustainable options? While renewable costs continue to plummet, the adoption of renewables creates a range of new operational challenges for utilities.

Regardless of an organization’s goal or set of goals, the desired transformation frequently demands a ground-up technological overhaul. Utilities are tasked with rolling out fortified, data-driven systems and applications seamlessly and efficiently. Doing so often requires them to update their operating models with improved analytics capabilities in order to better manage and leverage the influx of data at their disposal.

At SEI, we strive to help every client in the energy space navigate both the large-scale industry shifts disrupting their business models and the granular details associated with operations, technology, and organizational structure that are required to drive long-term success. With decades’ worth of experience in data & analytics, strategy and technology enablement, operational excellence, vendor selection and management, ethics & compliance, information security, and change management, we promise the technical expertise and the tactical skills needed to facilitate a successful transformation.

We’re not just consultants — we’re committed to becoming integral members of every client’s team. That’s why we provide end-to-end delivery leadership and consistent on-site support, collaborating with client stakeholders to outline highly targeted business goals and strategic roadmaps that all members of the organization can rally around.

However, unlike other firms, we don’t pack up shop when the blueprints are laid out; we’re just getting started. We work on the ground to design and deploy tailor-made solutions that set our clients apart from the competition, positioning them to deliver unmatched customer service, elevate customer loyalty, drive innovation, and strengthen their bottom lines.


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Data Closure and Transfer

After ceasing its operations, a major coal plant needed to effectively dispose of and transfer all of its paper and electronic records. SEI created a process flow for identifying how each record was to be handled, keeping in line with federal regulations.

Solution Design and Delivery

A utility provider in charge of both water and power to citizens needed to modernize its technology systems to improve performance and scalability. SEI provided end-to-end project management, guiding solution design and delivery in line with the company’s core business objectives.

Quality Management

A leading utility provider wanted to modernize its grid infrastructure while simultaneously improving its options for a growing residential customer base. SEI provided quality management advisory and leadership for every step of this multi-phased program.