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Data Privacy

Today, protecting business means protecting customer data


Audits & Incident Management


Data Mapping & Records Retention


Data Strategy & Governance

The Challenge

Jumping through regulatory hoops can be confusing and exhausting.

As the data economy matures, consumers are increasingly concerned with how their personal data is used by corporations. New regulations including the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, CPRA, the New York SHIELD Act, and the “Schrems II” decision on EU-US data transfer — in addition to longer-standing regulations — require that corporations reassess their data collection, storage, and usage policies to ensure greater privacy and transparency for consumers.

This multi-faceted landscape regulates every aspect of how organizations collect, share, and process data. Key themes include providing notice of how data is used, managing consent, ensuring IT security, defining data minimization and retention standards, establishing new processes around consumer rights, and confirming that third parties are handling data appropriately. Each key theme comprises multiple layers of complexity, and successful management requires tight collaboration across the organization. Without effective program leadership and expertise across different dimensions, companies can easily become overwhelmed.

Companies that fail to demonstrate compliance face hefty fines and disruptive audits. However, those that integrate an agile approach, strong risk management, and effective change management into their operational fabric will empower their teams to innovate, deliver results, and drive growth.


Pharmaceutical Company

SEI helped a multinational pharmaceutical company conduct a process-by-process analysis of their data handling practices. Completing a comprehensive gap analysis, our consultants developed a set of deliverables for privacy procedures, training, and incident management. Further, we helped establish a data privacy office based on industry best practices.

Our Approach

Implement custom data privacy frameworks designed to adapt.

At SEI, we know that the challenges of a nuanced and evolving data privacy environment cannot be addressed with a textbook approach. That’s why we not only leverage best practices from our extensive experience, but also collaborate with executives and legal teams to align business priorities with the right technology, creating data privacy programs tailored to clients’ unique goals.

Successful, ongoing compliance requires precise execution, widespread adoption, and the flexibility to respond to changing regulatory requirements. We help companies develop comprehensive data governance frameworks that anticipate regulatory changes and consumer demands. Leveraging extensive delivery leadership and change management experience, we help clients process consumer requests, uphold privacy expectations, and demonstrate transparency throughout the process.

And rather than focusing on compliance alone, SEI helps clients tackle regulatory requirements while simultaneously elevating their customer experience. That’s why every data privacy framework that we develop considers an organization’s unique business model, strategic priorities, data needs, and risk tolerance. Ultimately, SEI designs and implements holistic data privacy operations that are agile, efficient, sustainable, and scalable to meet clients’ future needs.


Global Cruise Company

SEI successfully prepared a global cruise company for GDPR compliance. Working across 31 business teams, our consultants conducted a comprehensive gap analysis and developed sustainable data privacy practices that aligned with critical growth objectives. The resulting framework allowed the organization to scale in accordance with global privacy regulations.

The Results

Do more than comply — thrive.

In today’s high-stakes compliance environment, strengthening data privacy practices is an absolute necessity. Our consultants take a holistic approach to integrating data privacy and classification into each client’s operational framework, freeing them to focus on what really matters: creating value and driving growth.

We partner with organizations to build data privacy programs tailored to the unique compliance and risk landscape in which they operate while always keeping an eye on enabling business results. We establish high-performing, sustainable, cross-functional programs that create positive changes for both the consumer and the organization. Our consultants work with client teams to ensure we mitigate risk, lift operational efficiency, and create a competitive

advantage — thereby protecting the organization and fortifying its bottom line.


Management Consulting Firm

SEI helped a top management consulting firm develop a confident approach to data privacy and demonstrate GDPR compliance. By conducting a process assessment of existing data practices, our consultants helped take inventory of the firm’s data assets and developed comprehensive compliance reports across priority markets.