Risk Management

Managing risk is hard, not managing risk is harder.

The world gets more complicated every day. But with the right tools, that can work to your advantage.

Work like you know what’s coming

At SEI, we help clients proactively identify potential risks and create tools and frameworks that help avoid them. We’ll help you stand guard over your evolving business, working together to chart a course to growth that limits the risks you’ll encounter along the way and equips you to find future problems before they find you. From limiting financial, operational, and reputational risk to navigating the challenges posed by evolving IT and cybersecurity threats, our approach helps clients cut costs, elevate performance, and move forward with confidence.

Strategic Solutions, Personalized Impact

These figures represent more than numbers — they signify the transformative results we achieve through close collaboration with our clients.


Market cap of a global investment bank implementing an Enterprise Risk Management framework.


Increase in GRC automation (categorization, prioritization, reporting).


Vendors assessed under a robust vendor risk management program, implementing strategies to mitigate cyber risks and comply with new standards.

How we can help

Whether refining industry-specific processes or enhancing critical business functions, discover how SEI’s expertise can elevate your organization’s performance.

Our capabilities

Experience. We have it in spades.



We work across your organization to strike the right balance between caution and action, helping you navigate risk.

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