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Building Charlotte's competitive edge.

Like the vibrant city of Charlotte, our consultants embody resilience, entrepreneurial spirit, and an unwavering readiness to tackle any challenge that comes their way. Our team’s wealth of experience, coupled with their passion and thought leadership, allows us to offer both holistic and specialized knowledge.

A model of excellence

"Our mission is to forge trusting relationships with both our team members and clients, ultimately creating lasting value for communities, businesses, and professionals across the Carolinas. We believe that through genuine connections and shared goals, we can empower one another and foster sustainable growth, collectively contributing to a brighter future for all."

Nilsa Algarin

Managing Director

All walks, talks, and identities.

It’s one thing to invite diversity. It’s another thing to embody it. At SEI, we encourage our teammates to be themselves and back that up by creating an environment where our differences make a difference for our clients. Diverse experiences and perspectives lead to better outcomes. That’s why we welcome identities that challenge each other, unlock honest collaboration, and better every interaction.

Community Impact

The Charlotte team is composed of true locals — people who know the city, are part of its culture, and want to give back to their community by helping Charlotte businesses and individuals alike achieve their goals.

Our People

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Nilsa Algarin

Managing Director

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