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Mergers & Acquisitions

Achieve harmony and elevate business success


Post M&A Activity


Pre & Post Close Project Management


Roadmap & Integration Strategy

The Challenge

Implementing an effective transition strategy is a challenging opportunity.

A successful M&A or divestiture doesn’t end when the contracts have been signed — in fact, it has only just begun. Navigating the post-M&A world poses a unique set of challenges for companies, many of which have ruled by their own processes and procedures for decades.

Moving forward as one unified organization requires a robust examination of each organization’s individual current states and a clear understanding of their joint future state. Without determining a clear roadmap with measurable benchmarks in place, organizations struggle to synthesize disparate stakeholder priorities, organizational structures, operational models, and technologies. As a result, operational redundancies occur, individual and team-wide accountability can falter, and systems lacking interoperability create major operational hurdles, impacting productivity and harming the organization’s bottom line.

Even knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. As leaders attempt to merge two or more distinct organizations, they are forced to make difficult strategic decisions pertaining to people, processes, and technology. Existing tech stacks and organizational designs are often disrupted as leaders seek  to mitigate inefficiencies and pinpoint opportunities for integration. These efforts put a strain on employee engagement as entire workforces anxiously anticipate the impact on their department and individual job descriptions. Without a defined sense of direction, clear priorities, organization-wide transparency and buy-in, and the right leadership, organizations undergoing M&As or divestitures are bound to struggle.


Leading Food Distributor

After a leading natural wholesale food distributor acquired a national wholesaler and grocery retailer, the two companies were juggling disjointed technology systems and business processes. SEI led a comprehensive integration strategy to unify the companies and create a cohesive brand identity.

Our Approach

Establish operational and technical integration with ease.

While mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are designed to position organizations for prosperity, they often result in unknown challenges and opportunities that leave a sense of chaos and confusion in their wake. At SEI, we help clients across industries navigate these unchartered territories and reap the rewards of successful organizational transformations.

Leveraging a holistic, end-to-end approach, we work hand-in-hand with key stakeholders and subject matter experts to identify calculated portfolio strategies and revenue goals. With these targeted business objectives in hand, we craft detailed roadmaps that guide clients through the multifaceted challenges of integrating — or, in the case of divestitures, separating — people, processes, and technology.

But our key differentiator is our ability to execute on these roadmaps on both an operational and technical level. Deploying ourselves to the frontlines of a post-M&A landscape, we streamline business processes, identify best-fit vendors, manage platform reconciliations, consolidate and prioritize project roadmaps, provide expert strategic advisory and enablement, and facilitate process improvement in alignment with core KPIs.

Deliberate change management activities are woven in every step of the way. Our consultants produce robust communication strategies, conduct strategic team assessments, and develop empathetic, human-centric onboarding and offboarding processes. Through open lines of communication and extensive due diligence, we bring operational excellence to bear.


Medical Device Company

When one of the leading developers of machines and therapies for dialysis patients merged with another key player in the dialysis medical device industry, they struggled to align their teams around a targeted set of objectives. SEI worked with executives to establish clear business goals, prioritize project roadmaps, consolidate vendors, and create streamlined processes and procedures.

The Results

Augment your organizational integrity.

M&A and divestitures often represent an exciting new chapter for many companies, but they come with a high degree of uncertainty. Leveraging our collective experience navigating business transformations across industries, SEI works hand-in-hand with key decision-makers to alleviate those fears and eliminate the uncertainty that surrounds the post-M&A and divestiture landscape.

Through guided maturity assessments, we create customized roadmaps tailored to each client’s unique business strategy and operational needs. But more importantly, we implement those roadmaps efficiently and effectively while balancing key business priorities. Our cross-functional processes establish trust and transparency among teams. Employees feel heard, respected, and united, leading to widespread adoption of new operating models, processes, and technologies. Serving as players or coaches as needed, we work on-the-ground with clients to facilitate smooth business transitions, adding immediate value and driving long-term success.

We’ve navigated some of the most complex transactions with unparalleled skill and tact, taking our clients’ businesses to new heights. With SEI, leaders can rest assured that the fate of their company is in good hands.


HR Firm

A leading human resource firm was selling a large market health and wealth benefits service to a buying entity. SEI represented the divesting organization and was charged with coordinating financial due diligence and operational analysis to foster greater collaboration and re-establish trust between the two organizations.