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Government Services

Drive innovation to transform government services

INDUSTRY overview

The citizen demand for modernization has skyrocketed. Citizens now want more services offered digitally, allowing them to avoid cumbersome paper processes, lengthy lines, and human error.

At SEI, we pair our rapid prototyping, human-centered design, and data analytics capabilities with our overall delivery excellence to help government organizations meet this demand. We partner with local, state, and federal governments to drive innovation and change within their communities, enabling them to achieve their goals and honor their missions.

With core experience in the private sector, we love to bring new, exciting ideas to the government space. Our dynamic teams work with public sector executives to implement innovative best practices and best-of-breed technology that elevate operations and improve the employee and citizen experience.

Our consultants leverage a wealth of industry expertise and a nimble, adaptable philosophy to bring proven methodologies to every government client. Pairing a deep understanding of key federal, state, and industry-specific regulations with an innovative, solutions-driven approach to project management, we optimize critical processes and advance desired outcomes for government clients.

Crucially, we understand that people are at the heart of government affairs. Working in lockstep with key stakeholders, we define unified goals and build partnerships across organizations. Once all relevant players are aligned, exhaustive pilots are put into play. These pilots allow us to measure the success of new initiatives, adjust our approach as needed, and scale accordingly. Through this comprehensive approach, our clients are empowered to own their organizational transformations and rise to the complexifying demands of the digital era.


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Share of public sector leaders satisfied with their organization's response to digital trends


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Resource & Data Consolidation

SEI assisted a large federal organization with resource and data consolidation across various internal systems. Within eight weeks, the SEI team designed a tool that connected users with the latest information, created transparency across processes, achieved compliance with key regulations, and utilized services efficiently.

Vendor Evaluation & Management

When a large federal organization realized that their RFI vendor requirements failed to meet the level of detail required to produce an informed selection, they turned to SEI. Our consultants launched several low-fidelity workflows to elicit more granular vendor requirements and conduct more comprehensive vendor review processes.

Technology Transformation

To enable future growth and increase effectiveness, SEI was asked by the IT branch of a quasi-state agency to conduct an organizational assessment encompassing people, process, and technology.