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Advanced Analytics

Unlock your data’s full potential


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Predictive Analytics

The Challenge

Organizations struggle to level-up their use of data.

Organizations with modern, well-governed data infrastructures that are ready to take their use of data to the next level must learn to leverage advanced analytics. However, making the jump from traditional business intelligence and reporting to sophisticated techniques like data mining, machine learning, and neural networking requires a depth of understanding of how to plan, build, deploy, and manage advanced analytics solutions that few organizations possess.

Without this understanding, organizations risk leaving the full value of their data unrealized. From producing more precise descriptive insights to making predictions to generating recommendations for action, advanced analytics help organizations improve both productivity and responsiveness across their critical business processes. This enables them to not only optimize their current operations, but pave their own roads into the future, as well.


Online Auto Market

The largest online automotive market in the United States wanted to personalize auto auction inventory recommendations for auto dealers. SEI built a machine learning solution that leveraged cluster algorithms to identify dealers’ buying patterns and embedded it directly into the online market’s sales opportunity dashboard.

Our Approach

Advanced analytics accelerate organizational transformation.

SEI doesn’t merely identify what an organization needs to roll out a sophisticated advanced analytics program — we equip organizations with the tools and skills required to keep these programs running smoothly. From developing cutting-edge solutions to training organizations’ internal teams on the under-the-hood mechanics of these solutions to mapping out a multi-year strategic analytics plan, our consultants ensure organizations are fully prepared for their data-driven futures.

At the end of the day, organizations that realize the organizationally transformative potential of advanced analytics will enjoy a leg up as data becomes even more prevalent. The precise contours of advanced analytics’ impact will vary — necessarily so, as advanced analytics are, by nature, exploratory — but across the board, this impact will end up moving the needle for organizations in a significant way.

Advanced Analytics - Insurance Company


Insurance Company

A carrier of excess and surplus insurance products was spending significant time each month on manual data integration and statistical scoring tasks. SEI built an automated predictive scoring model, trained the carrier’s IT team on Agile data analytics best practices, and helped the team implement the predictive model.

The Results

Create dynamic data-driven decision-making infrastructures.

At SEI, our approach to advanced analytics is grounded in strategic exploration, iteration, and organizational transformation. We not only guide the development of cutting-edge solutions based on machine learning and predictive analytics, but help organizations construct dynamic, self-sufficient analytics infrastructures capable of driving outcomes over the long term.

This begins with identifying the right questions. Advanced analytics must be undertaken in alignment with an organization’s critical strategic goals, as analytics performed for their own sake rarely deliver results. Sometimes, organizations already have the data to leverage advanced analytics in pursuit of these goals. Other times, they need the assistance of a data engineer to gather — and then prepare — their data for modeling. Whatever it needs, our consultants ensure an organization understands how and where to use advanced analytics to embed data-driven decision-making at the very heart of its operations.


Luxury Vehicle Importer

An importer of luxury sports cars wanted to research the feasibility of undertaking an AI transformation across its marketing organization. SEI rapidly prototyped a machine learning solution to demonstrate viability and assessed the feasibility of future production solutions. We also outlined an AI maturation plan and provided technology advisement.