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Accelerate development through smarter automation and collaboration


Current/Future State Assessments


Product Lifecycle Optimization


Solution Automation

The Challenge

Software is not a project, it’s a product.

High-maturity DevOps is the acknowledgement of software as a product — with a full lifecycle — rather than merely a project. But the project mentality that persists tends to view IT systems simply as support or cost centers.

Traditionally, operations and development teams have worked in silos, and within systems that prohibit efficiency. Developers who need access to information safeguarded by the infrastructure team are forced to jump through a series of hoops beforehand. Support team members are stuck processing requests manually. Releases occur only once or twice a year — rather than on-demand. Systems lack interoperability and, as a result, teams are trapped in inefficient cycles that bottleneck the delivery pipeline.

Inefficiencies abound when companies undertake costly, time-intensive development projects without ensuring that operations, security, quality, and other organizational priorities are baked into the process. Teams need to invest in collaboration and automation at critical junctures and facilitate more effective cross-functional delivery. However, knowing when, where, and how to automate various steps in the pipeline can be as challenging as enabling productive collaboration between the development, operations, security, support, HR, and quality teams. Compounding these challenges is the task of navigating complex regulatory environments in sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, education, government, energy, and more.

Overcoming these hurdles requires deep technical knowledge paired with an understanding of how the development and operations teams can work hand-in-hand to enhance the delivery of critical business value.


Global Beverage Manufacturer

One of the world’s largest beverage manufacturers wanted to identify and execute a pilot project modeling the development processes, tools, and behavioral best practices needed to consistently attain results. SEI designed a comprehensive, repeatable solution, deploying it within teams across the organization to quickly attain core business objectives.

Our Approach

Tailor clients’ maturity path through automation and collaboration.

Our teams are composed of consultants who are equal parts technologist and delivery specialist. They come to the table with extensive technical experience in a range of cloud environments and programming platforms and take on every development challenge with a commitment to the proven practices of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).

We begin every DevOps project by assessing an organization’s IT infrastructure and existing communication structures, identifying the current state and desired future state of development. We dig deep, reviewing application inventories, evaluating technician capacity, and examining where teams are on an overall maturity scale. From here, we aren’t afraid to ask leaders the tough questions, identifying the business goals they hope to attain and the current development and operations pain points impeding progress. By meeting our clients where they are and identifying where they need to go, we can do what we do best: build better solutions and deliver unmatched results at speed.

Our consultants come to the table with a unique understanding of the business-wide implications of implementing a robust DevOps program. That’s why we never neglect the “Ops” part of DevOps. We create custom roadmaps that address both the development and operational challenges with integrated solutions. We unite disjointed teams, aligning them around clearly defined goals, while working alongside clients in a technical capacity to optimize the application development process and deliver quantifiable business gains — all while achieving compliance within regulation-heavy sectors.


Marketing Management Organization

An enterprise solution within a marketing management company was experiencing devastating performance issues and a lack of development progress. SEI delivered a refactored application and development workflow that swiftly improved operational performance through its scalability and advanced automation.

The Results

Optimize resource and time allocation to achieve faster delivery times.

SEI consultants bridge the gaps between siloed teams, tightening the delivery pipeline by fusing technical programming expertise with well-rounded troubleshooting capabilities and a wealth of experience in change management and operational excellence.

By automating more steps in the development process, mitigating access barriers to critical information, and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration, our consultants break down silos and shorten production and delivery timelines.

Our people-focused technologists optimize the software product lifecycle of every application, infusing the business with immediate value in the form of time and cost savings. Retaining a focus on adaptability and a commitment to cross-functional teamwork, we empower clients to realize faster feature delivery and faster issue resolution. When teams spend less time fixing bugs, liaising between teams, and overcoming administrative hurdles — and more time innovating — even the most ambitious project can become a reality.


Major Cruise Line

A leading global cruise line wanted to modernize their guest experience through the release of new digital solutions. SEI delivered iterative mobile application features, shortening deploy time while ensuring better build quality through CI/CD despite operating within a highly scaled Agile environment. This approach allowed us to proactively identify issues in the code base, ultimately ensuring a more smooth and successful rollout.