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Data Modernization

Break free of legacy constraints


Cloud Infrastructure


Data Exchange & Orchestration


Platform Revitalization

The Challenge

Organizations often outgrow their technology.

While most organizations have made some sort of effort to evolve alongside the demands of the digital era, few have managed to build data infrastructures that are well-suited to not only support their current business, but their future business demands. Even fewer have evolved their organizational cultures to consistently emphasize data-driven capabilities and decision-making.

This state of affairs is understandable. From building new data platforms and modernizing reporting and visualization capabilities to rolling out advanced analytics and executing cloud migrations, there are many moving pieces — technology implementation, organizational change, adoption — that factor into modernization efforts. It takes substantial time, resources, and expertise to keep up with — let alone stay ahead of — these demands. Because an outdated or poorly designed data infrastructure has the potential to hamper an entire organization’s operations, it’s essential for organizations to elevate their overarching approaches to data modernization.


Major Hospital System

A major hospital system was embarking on a five-year roadmapping exercise that included initiatives for everything from facility modernization to IT modernization to leveling-up data & analytics capabilities. SEI’s five-year data & analytics roadmap gave the system a plan for maturing its reporting, advanced analytics, data integration, data governance capabilities, and more.

Our Approach

Create sustained success with a revitalized approach to data.

When we step in to lead a data modernization initiative, our underlying goal extends well beyond the transformation of a single platform, tool, or business function. In every engagement, we aim to transform an organization’s fundamental approach to and understanding of the role data plays in the organization while simultaneously driving immediate incremental, non-disruptive improvements.

After performing an in-depth assessment of an organization’s entire data infrastructure, our consultants identify opportunities and areas of strength and project future demands onto the organization’s data infrastructure. These projections serve as the foundation of a data modernization roadmap, a comprehensive plan of action that our consultants can help implement. The sheer breadth of a data modernization initiative can be daunting for many organizations, but we have decades of experience leading the charge and collaborating with stakeholders — not only to bring them on board with data modernization initiatives, but to equip them with everything they need to be successful.


Large Beverage Company

The world’s largest beverage company wanted to eliminate the data integration friction that was being caused by its utilization of multiple technologies. The cloud-based platform SEI deployed provided 99.9% uptime and infinite scalability and elasticity, delivering data to the company’s critical systems when, where, and how they needed it.

The Results

Harness data to optimize a range of processes.

Data forms the foundation of nearly every organization’s operations. As such, revitalizing an organization’s data infrastructure can catalyze a profound, wide-ranging transformation, sending ripples radiating throughout the organization.

A data modernization project can — and often does — provide an organization with a new suite of data platforms and analytics tools, but these seldom represent the extent of what modernization delivers. When led by an SEI consultant, a data modernization initiative refines an organization’s holistic approach to data, from storage and synthesis clear through analysis and interpretation. This can optimize how employees perform everything from basic accounting to customer relationship management. After a strategic data modernization project, nearly every operation that relies on data inputs will be both more efficient and more accurate.


Steel Products Provider

A leading provider of steel products wanted to significantly improve the accuracy of its executive reporting. SEI designed and implemented a custom dimensional data warehouse solution, identified opportunities for business process improvements, and led process re-engineering efforts that supported the provider’s entire value chain.