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Supply Chain

Meet volatile market demands with confidence and competence

INDUSTRY overview

In today’s fast-paced and evolving world, eager consumers have grown accustomed to receiving the goods they need and rely on at record speed. Next-day delivery and in-store availability are no longer considered added perks — they’re expectation. As companies strive to keep pace with these demands, they must implement streamlined operating procedures designed to accelerate operational efficiency while minimizing overhead and inventory costs.

For many organizations, that means turning to technology to transform their supply chain operations and elevate their organizational flexibility and speed. But while innovative warehouse management systems, enterprise resource planning programs, transportation management systems, and more all have the power to enhance critical operations, they must be implemented effectively and adopted cross-functionally in order to achieve real, sustainable results.

At SEI, we help clients identify best-fit solutions and capitalize on a wealth of in-depth analytics to meet the demands of a highly disrupted, evolving marketplace. Through highly-effective current and future state assessments, we diagnose pain points associated with inventory management and demand planning, procurement and vendor management, logistics and distribution/fulfillment, and beyond, all while defining targeted business objectives as part of our holistic supply chain strategies.

Through comprehensive data analyses and the implementation of Lean methodologies and innovative technology, including predictive modeling, machine learning/AI, and blockchain, we streamline existing processes and procedures, increase speed and accuracy, and help companies future-proof their operations. Leveraging decades’ worth of experience in supply chain management and organizational effectiveness, our consultants ensure each and every client is positioned for sustainable success.


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Mobile Device Rollout

With the rollout of a new mobile app and device designed to support 3,000+ warehouse employees across more than 250 locations, a large battery distribution company turned to SEI to execute a widespread training and awareness campaign.

Go-to-Market Redesign

A leading international food and beverage company experiencing supply chain outages, profitability issues, and poor product quality needed to optimize their go-to-market strategy. SEI stepped in to establish an effective new product program that amplified visibility into the product pipeline and improved customer satisfaction.

Distribution Consolidation

A large lens and frame producer needed to consolidate its existing distribution model to improve customer satisfaction. SEI launched a robust new supply chain program that streamlined existing processes and accelerated productivity, ultimately increasing brand loyalty across the organization’s wide consumer base.