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Environmental Services

Tackle evolving business challenges with a multi-pronged approach

INDUSTRY overview

To keep pace with increasing demands for sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions, efficient waste management, and elevated standards of delivery, government agencies and environmental service companies must integrate new technologies to optimize operations, bring down costs, and recover value wherever possible.

At SEI, we help environmental services clients optimize their operations and modernize their tech stacks by working on the ground with key stakeholders to develop and implement long-term strategies for superior service delivery. We work across people, processes, and technology to build environmentally responsible solutions. By leveraging a robust data analytics practice and three decades’ worth of business insights, our consultants help position environmental services organizations for sustainable, long-term success.

As a vendor agnostic firm, we help clients implement technology aligned to their needs, be it an off-the-shelf product, a custom architected platform, or a hybrid solution. We’re not in the business of quick fixes, because we know that robust digital solutions can be comprehensive answers to deeply-rooted business challenges. By working closely with vendors, stakeholders, and internal teams, we help clients elevate efficiency and boost top-line performance, positioning them to outperform the competition.

We know that any given solution is only as effective as its end-users. That’s why we support every engagement with proven change management, ensuring employees at every level feel heard, valued, and supported, and that new processes and platforms gain organization-wide buy-in. When teams are engaged and on the same page, silos dissolve, challenges become opportunities, and innovation abounds. This multi-pronged approach drives social and infrastructural improvements and generates the type of cross-functional investment that environmental services executives need to facilitate sustainable change.


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Agile Transformation

A utilities company was operating on unreliable systems that led to inaccurate meter readings, poor communication, and widespread customer dissatisfaction. SEI helped the client implement new smart meters with remote functionality and dual-operative capabilities. A more reliable metering mechanism elevated operational efficiencies, enabled more proactive troubleshooting, and created better payment and outage reporting capabilities.

Data & Analytics

SEI worked with an energy provider to model the impact of severe weather events on electricity demand. Using regression models, our consultants provided insights into the impact of various weather scenarios on hourly demand. We helped generate a response plan that included new capacity builds and load reduction programs.

Employee Engagement & Retention

SEI was invited to assess employee performance and turnover rates for a solar energy solutions provider. Our consultants applied digital diagnostic tools to derive deeper insights into high employee turnovers in manufacturing facilities and designed customized hiring strategies. The data-driven approach led to higher retention rates, improved HR policies, and more effective recruitment strategies.