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Life Sciences

Accelerate innovation and bring life-saving products to market

INDUSTRY overview

Recent advances in the field of life sciences have led to improvements in quality of care and health outcomes around the world, but the industry is also in the midst of ongoing transformation due to internal and external pressures that will have unprecedented long-term effects. Technology is revolutionizing how pharmaceutical companies research, manufacture, distribute, and market new products. Players across the industry must invest in the adoption and implementation of cutting-edge technologies while preparing for large-scale regulatory change.

In a highly competitive market in which mergers & acquisitions are frequent, life sciences organizations face the ongoing challenge of elevating their capabilities through M&As while mitigating disruption and risk. With clear project leadership and management, life sciences organizations can drive growth by integrating new technological solutions and building data capabilities that continually enhance the commercialization process and streamline both data and FDA compliance.

SEI empowers life sciences organizations to achieve sustainable competitive advantages by accelerating their speed-to-market and maximizing the value of their products. We provide end-to-end product lifecycle management and work with organizations to deploy tailored solutions that augment their research, clinical, and commercialization operations. We draw on our cross-functional business expertise and extensive experience in information management, change management, analytics, and technology solutions to provide long-term value and drive sustained growth.


YoY increase in the number of drugs in the R&D pipeline in 2019


Forecasted CAGR of the market for AI-powered drug discovery through 2025


Average cost of bringing a new prescription medication to market
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Change Management

After an acquisition that doubled its size, a global pharmaceutical company needed to integrate its people, processes, and technology. SEI led the migration of seven commercial business units onto an integrated commercial capabilities platform. We retired five redundant systems and helped generate over $3 million in annual operating expense savings.

Data Privacy

SEI was engaged by a global pharmaceutical company to accelerate the maturity of its privacy program. We developed a global systems inventory to maintain accurate data mapping and improve responses to data subject requests. The engagement resulted in an overall increase in program efficiency and global privacy improvements.

Product Launch

A leading biotech company needed to deploy a new salesforce for an upcoming product launch in a new therapeutic area. SEI led salesforce enablement activities for the company’s 320-person sales team. As a result of SEI’s broad-based efforts, the company witnessed first-year sales that aligned with its ambitious pre-launch forecasts.