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Media & Entertainment

Driving omnichannel success in a consumer-centric digital media environment

INDUSTRY overview

Advertisers, marketing agencies, media networks, and publishers form an increasingly complex media ecosystem that is no stranger to digital disruption. But as the industry shifts toward a more consumer-centric, omnichannel model, companies must evolve in order to connect with individual customers in meaningful ways.

The media industry faces a rapidly shifting regulatory landscape. Today, remaining relevant necessitates not only achieving compliance with new requirements, but continuing to prioritize the consumer experience while updating data models. Agencies and companies will need to rely on first- and second-party data as third-party data becomes progressively more restrictive. They must also navigate new “walled gardens” of data and find ways to make marketing budgets more cost-effective.

SEI helps advertisers, agencies, and publishers develop data capabilities in an integrated media ecosystem that empower them to effectively leverage data to optimize the consumer journey. By helping to develop robust data governance programs, we empower our clients to drive valuable insights while protecting against fraud and safeguarding brand reputation.

Our consultants work hand-in-hand with business, IT, and HR professionals to create custom roadmaps with clearly defined benchmarks and timelines. And while other firms focus on strategy alone, we apply industry expertise and cross-functional skills to provide end-to-end project leadership and continuous on-site support for every client. We help media & entertainment clients identify their strengths and weaknesses, break down silos, and create an environment for improved collaboration that propels their key business objectives.

We understand that media players — from advertisers to publishers to marketing agencies — have unique objectives, policies, and requirements. By working closely with client stakeholders and leading the solution design process, SEI helps media & entertainment companies deploy systems and processes that not only capture valuable data insights, but also align digital solutions with key business objectives. Our consultants bring decades of strategy, operations, and change management experience to create immediate value and drive long-term business results for every client.


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Data Analytics

A media agency was embarking on a digital transformation project. SEI led an analytics and data governance initiative involving collaboration between the data team and multiple partners. The initiative integrated first-, second-, and third-party data in a cloud-based data platform, enabling omnichannel capabilities and providing clients with a consumer-centric view.

Operational Excellence

SEI collaborated with a media and advertising firm to uncover operational deficiencies within their finance department. We assessed their operational model and developed methods for improving financial forecasting and reporting, and streamlined vendor invoice processing. We helped implement new financial reporting software and outsourced work to an experienced third-party provider.

Organizational Design

A major media barter agency sought to improve the media buying process and increase their ability to scale at speed. SEI conducted an internal skills assessment to develop a revised organizational model. We aligned talent needs with their business strategy, enabling the business to scale and meet growth targets.