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Operational Transformation

Achieve scalable efficiency with tailored, people-first solutions

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Operational Assessments


Roadmap Development

The Challenge

Missed targets incur high costs and delay business objectives.

Technology implementations, organizational redesigns, and branding overhauls have the power to position companies for unprecedented success — if they are planned and prioritized appropriately. Unfortunately, many organizations attempt to juggle diverging priorities and growing project portfolios through disjointed operational processes, which can hamper productivity and topline performance. As a result, organizations suffer. They fall short of topline KPIs and throw resources at problems haphazardly — without clearly identifying the root cause or understanding the organization’s overall objectives.

A misalignment across management and the businesses regarding what priorities should be executed at a given time is typically a root cause of this problem. When various stakeholders push diverging agendas, focus among the workforce splinters and process inefficiencies abound. Identification and ownership of core KPIs can be a challenge because there are too many to manage and little consensus over who owns what and why. As a result, emerging business challenges are treated with quick-fixes that ultimately consume more time and resources, leading to low-value processes that result in slower speed-to-market, greater employee and customer turnover, and stagnating results.

Operational Excellence - Healthcare Institution


Healthcare Institution

A U.S. hospital was experiencing low patient satisfaction ratings as a result of lengthy wait times and prescription delays. SEI collaborated with key stakeholders to optimize the institution's operational performance, implementing streamlined processes and procedures that drastically increased their patient experience score.

Our Approach

Tailored, data-driven strategies streamline operations.

For every client, SEI creates not only a unified sense of direction, but also the momentum to drive progress. Using data-based strategies, we define organizational goals, identify performance gaps, advise on how to close those gaps, and predict future demand to ensure scalability. Our approach may involve any combination of three major focus areas: operational assessments, roadmap development, and governance. SEI helps define the current state and pinpoint specific gaps in people, processes, and technology, empowering organizations to make informed decisions. Once stakeholder alignment has been achieved, we leverage proven abilities in design thinking and tech enablement to craft detailed roadmaps that reflect key business objectives.

A critical part of our approach, project portfolio management (PPM) empowers organizations to optimize human and monetary capital allocation. Effective PPM enables more nimble decision-making and ensures that an organization executes the right work at the right time. Marrying methodologies like PPM, Agile, and Lean with DevOps and process automation, SEI streamlines project pipelines, standardizes business processes, and optimizes resource spend. Finally, we work with decision-makers to design and deploy custom governance frameworks that focus on ongoing training and change management to ensure the transformation is sustained.



Financial Services Firm

A financial services company wanted to transform their finance and corporate accounting units to improve their reporting effectiveness. SEI provided end-to-end program leadership, defining and implementing a transformation workflow that improved operational efficiency and led to significant cost savings for the company.

The Results

Strengthen your bottom line through elevated efficiency.

By taking a people-centric approach that prioritizes effective stakeholder management, SEI garners trust that enables efficient and effective operational transformation. Our consultants leverage robust data & analytics, leadership, strategy, technology, change management, and design capabilities to drive sustained success. Committed to operationalizing every strategy, we get in the trenches with each client, restructuring teams to improve workflows, integrating new technologies to accelerate automation, and standardizing disjointed processes to eliminate redundancies.

Our nimble execution ensures costs are lowered, waste is reduced, and inefficiencies are eradicated, moving the needle on topline business goals tied to revenue growth, speed-to-market, and customer retention. With the help of SEI’s skillful advisory and delivery leadership, organizations can optimize their operating models for improved long-term performance and profitability.

Operational Excellence - Insurance Company


Insurance Company

A leading insurance claims department faced declining customer satisfaction ratings and increasing employee turnover, putting their business success at risk. SEI collaborated with key stakeholders to establish a shared vision for quality claims handling, re-engaging customers and employees alike.