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Automotive & Transportation

Master all of the moving parts of sustainable business success

INDUSTRY overview

The automotive and transportation sector — consisting of manufacturing, public transportation, waste management, airline companies, rental services, and more — represents a rapidly evolving landscape defined by ongoing digital disruption and ever-growing consumer demands for speed and efficiency.

In globalized markets, automotive & transportation companies must develop detailed plans that map, secure, and streamline supply chains and operations across hundreds of thousands of miles.  Excellent delivery ensures that people, products, and services arrive at their destination safely and efficiently. At SEI, we help our automotive & transportation clients leverage cutting-edge technology to advance their strategic business goals while minimizing delays from resource constraints.

We believe that sustainable, scalable digital transformation empowers automotive & transportation companies to achieve more. We also know it requires innovative technology solutions, robust data-driven approaches, and people-centered strategies. We work with clients at the vanguard of automotive & transportation software development to implement in-vehicle tablets, sensor tracking for assets, dashboards for operational visibility, tools for automating key processes, and more. Leveraging DevOps best practices and decades’ worth of experience in delivery leadership, project management, operational excellence, and change management, we empower automotive & transportation companies to elevate their organizational maturity and achieve better results.

SEI consultants bring both industry expertise and functional skill sets to every engagement, mapping out strategies for developing and integrating solutions customized around clients’ unique infrastructures, tech stacks, regulatory requirements, and unique business goals. SEI consultants work closely with key decision-makers across HR, business, IT, and operations teams to implement solutions with user-friendly interfaces that not only boost productivity by creating more seamless, high-performing systems across the organization, but also garner company-wide buy-in and improve collaboration.

Where other consultancies focus on strategy alone, we provide leadership to ensure delivery excellence. We introduce new solutions on the ground and host comprehensive training sessions, ensuring all employees feel empowered to adopt new technologies and systems. No matter the size or scope of the project, SEI guarantees end-to-end delivery leadership and consistent on-site support that positions every automotive & transportation client for sustained success.


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Vehicle Remarketing Company

SEI helped one of the world’s largest vehicle remarketing services redesign their product lifecycle, from concept to delivery. Our consultants established a structure to manage, track and communicate progress and collaborated with multiple teams to facilitate design review, implementation, and beta testing.

Online Auto Market

A large online automotive market wanted to personalize auto auction inventory recommendations for auto dealers. SEI built a machine learning solution that identified buying patterns and embedded it directly into the client’s sales opportunity dashboard. It became their primary tool for generating dealer sales, increasing sales opportunities by 400 percent.

Luxury Sports Car Importer

An exclusive importer of luxury sports cars wanted to research the feasibility of undertaking an AI transformation. SEI provided end-to-end strategic advisory, identified the importer’s maturity constraints, and defined potential resolutions. We prototyped a machine learning solution to demonstrate viability, uncover discrepancies, and determine the feasibility of future production solutions.