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Change Management

Evolve with intention


Seamless Customer Adoption


Stakeholder Alignment


Training and Communication

The Challenge

Change efforts fail without a thoughtful and methodical approach.

Transformations large and small, including changes to existing systems, IT infrastructure, operating models, processes, and organizational design, are an inevitable part of the business lifecycle. But without wide-scale adoption of such new initiatives, even best-in-class, data-driven solutions and strategies are likely to fall short of their objectives.

Resistance is a normal human response to change and employees often disengage when they are not a part of the process or solution. In these scenarios, they view change as something forced upon them — versus an initiative in which they feel like active participants. Rather than pioneering and embracing the change as key stakeholders, employees quickly fall back on legacy systems and operating models, leaving top-of-the-line technology and streamlined, agile processes and methodologies by the wayside in favor of what is familiar. They wind up doing things “the way they’ve always been done” rather than embracing the transformative power of new technologies and initiatives.

A lack of guidance and engagement from leadership can also jeopardize the success of new change initiatives. Without visible leadership and top-down support, employees feel forced to navigate organizational changes alone. This absence of senior-level ownership leads to low engagement levels within the organization and misaligned processes, stilting productivity and putting business results at risk.


Major Cruise Line

When one of the world’s largest cruise companies decided to digitize their entire customer vacation experience, SEI was tasked with generating wide-scale adoption of new processes across all operations groups, as well as introducing new roles to support the digital transformation. Executing effectively and efficiently, SEI facilitated a seamless transformation.

Our Approach

Facilitate the granular changes needed to drive organizational transformation.

At SEI, change management is more than an added benefit or an afterthought — it’s an essential part of any successful business transformation. Benefits from any new initiative are not realized unless change happens at an individual level. Through robust, end-to-end stakeholder analyses and impact assessments, we identify all key stakeholder groups within an organization, analyze what’s changing for them, gauge their level of impact, and assess their capacity for change. This allows us to diagnose existing roadblocks to adoption and align to key change mitigation activities.

The data-driven insights gleaned from these assessments inform the development of targeted change management roadmaps. Each roadmap aligns with a key stakeholder group and details the type of end-user training, personalized coaching, and communication tactics required to generate company-wide endorsement of the change. This focus on user-readiness allows us to proactively foster a sense of inclusion and allegiance among employees, eliminating barriers that stand in the way of organization-wide alignment.

However, truly effective change management requires more than bottom-up training — it’s also about top-down reinforcement. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with business executives, identifying and appointing change sponsors and coaching them on the business value of leading with transparency, embodying desired cultural behaviors, and recognizing frontline change advocates. Through continuous monitoring and reinforcement activities, we help ensure sustained success and institutionalize the change in the weeks, months, and years ahead.


Battery Distribution Company

Attempting to manage the rollout of a new mobile app and device designed to support 3,000+ warehouse employees across more than 250 locations, a large battery distribution company turned to SEI to execute a widespread training and awareness campaign. With SEI’s help, the launch was executed quickly and effectively and backed by comprehensive employee buy-in initiatives that streamlined the rollout.

The Results

Enjoy sustained success with a team that’s aligned and engaged.

At SEI, we’ve witnessed the success of companies that take a proactive, highly intentional approach to change management and the downfall of those that fail to do so. That’s why we marry data-driven benchmarks with artful execution, crafting customized change management journeys that empower employees at every level within an organization to embrace change rather than reject it.

When employees feel supported and engaged at the outset of a transformation — be it business, technology, or process related, new ways of working are adopted at speed. This spike in adoption, utilization, and user proficiency directly translates into quicker and increased return on investment. But these returns are more than quick hits. Through proven systemic change management practices, we work on the ground with leaders to address cultural underpinnings in a way that supports sustained success for years to come.


Public Sector

To enable future growth and increase effectiveness, the IT branch of a quasi-state agency engaged SEI. We conducted a series of comprehensive organizational assessments and developed change roadmaps that encompassed people, process, and technology.