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Proudly serving the City of Brotherly Love


ABOUT SEI Philadelphia

Thanks to a few years of market research and the muscle power of a group of consultants determined to make inroads in a new market, SEI opened up its tenth office in Philadelphia in 2020.

Our tight-knit team consists of consultants with decades of experience and diverse skill sets, making us optimally positioned to tap into the flourishing higher education, healthcare, life sciences, and technology sectors for which Philadelphia is known. With a strong background in data & analytics, strategy enablement, digital transformation, and project management, we have the functional and delivery leadership skills needed to take our clients to the next level of organizational maturity.

Our approach is inherently agile — we adapt our strategies and tactics in accordance with every client’s unique requirements and business objectives, which allows us to move fluidly between the roles of coach and player from day to day. Most importantly, unlike some consultancies, we live in the same city in which we work, enabling us to provide on-site, 360-degree support to every client, create meaningful, lasting relationships, and engage with our community.

And we are one with our city, living and working among some of the country’s most historic landmarks, cheering on our world-class sports teams, and indulging in one of the best foodie destinations on Earth. We also pride ourselves on being responsible custodians of our city, which means investing in the wellbeing of all Philadelphians. That’s why we engage in regular service projects and support the local organizations that make our community great.

If you think you’d be a good fit for SEI’s Philadelphia office, get in touch with us today!


how we’ve helped



Fred’s Footsteps

Our partnership with Fred’s Footsteps began in just our first year and we remain thrilled for it to continue. Named to honor the life and legacy of local business leader G. Fred DiBona, Jr., Fred’s Footsteps provide financial relief to hard-working families in the region who find themselves in a crisis due to costs associated with caring for a seriously ill, injured, or disabled child.


The Parkway Run & Walk by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

SEI’s participation in The Parkway Run & Walk raises funds for breakthrough pediatric cancer research and care at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We are proud to partner with CHOP for such a noble cause, and look forward to participating in this yearly event.

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