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The Challenge

Data-driven insights often get lost in translation.

Though most organizations have embraced some form of data & analytics, many still struggle to communicate the business value of the resulting insights beyond their data science teams. Given that 90% of all information transmitted to our brains is visual, well-crafted data visualizations represent a powerful way to expand the reach — and, as a result, the application — of an organization’s data-driven insights.

However, organizations often struggle to properly balance the art and the science of data visualization. For an audience of nontechnical stakeholders with limited data fluency, visualizations need to distill complex analyses into intuitive visual signposts. Conversely, for an audience of data scientists, visualizations need to highlight key insights that are not readily apparent in a spreadsheet, or that emerge from the interweaving of analyses and industry-specific context. Without the requisite cross-domain expertise, determining the mode of visual storytelling that is best-suited to bridging the divide between a set of data-driven insights and a given audience is nigh impossible.


Auto Auction Company

The nation’s largest used car auction company wanted to replace core components of its technology stack. SEI orchestrated the cultural and operational changes needed to shift from 3,000 simple paper reports to around 100 electronic reports that enabled stakeholders to see — and use — data in new ways.

Our Approach

Develop visualization solutions that tell compelling, accurate stories.

At SEI, we embrace the numerous factors involved in visual storytelling. Communicating complex numerical relationships through visual means requires technical savvy, extensive soft skills, and an understanding of organizational and industry specifications. Our consultants are concerned not only with delivering instructive visualizations, but with optimizing the data behind these visualizations. That is to say, we are visual storytellers whose narratives are not only compelling, but true.

At the start of every data visualization project, our consultants interview a range of stakeholders to determine what data needs to be visualized and what visualization format will be most effective for the intended audience. Then, by leveraging our technical acumen in tandem with our extensive industry-specific expertise, we craft visualization solutions that are both properly contextualized and scalable.


Fortune 500 Insurer

SEI led the creation of a business data analytics solution for a division of a Fortune 500 insurance company. The project reduced cycle times for analyzing key business metrics from two to three days per request to a matter of minutes and automated many reports entirely.

The Results

Effective data visualization leads to faster, better-informed decision-making.

Time and time again, we’ve seen well-designed data visualizations enable organizations to make decisions faster, execute on these decisions more effectively, and, ultimately, achieve improved results in the market.

Our consultants understand that the role of a data visualization specialist entails far more than aestheticized reporting. We view our work as an opportunity to increase the impact of an organization’s entire relationship with data through good visual storytelling. From rendering opaque analyses comprehensible to business stakeholders to uncovering hidden stories in sprawling datasets, our data visualization consultants help organizations at every point along the data maturity spectrum maximize their ROI in data.


Pro Sports Franchise

A storied professional baseball franchise wanted to level-up its use of Tableau across the organization. SEI delivered a mobile-enabled sales reporting dashboard that allowed sales managers to monitor inventory levels at each sales location in near real time and highly customized visualizations for player evaluation.