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Learn more about what makes SEI a collaborative and inclusive place to work.

Developing and exercising empathy are critical components in the effort to erase biases. We at SEI realize that action is needed in order to make a real difference. We have a responsibility to work every day to create a culture of safety, inclusion, and equality.

Bill Gallagher

Bill Gallagher


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What We Believe

SEI is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our consultants are co-owners of their business, and we have a flat organization structure that promotes equity across the firm. To ensure that voices from all backgrounds are heard and valued, we’ve created a national DE&I Council to devise a cohesive strategy for recruitment, training, and business development.


SEI's DEI Champions collaborate to identify and implement the most impactful and productive ways to increase empathy, recognize and appreciate unique perspectives, and enhance the experiences of our colleagues. Continuously working to create and promote a more inclusive and diverse culture is something we are all passionate about, because we know that it will create an environment where we can all thrive, and a system that appreciates, welcomes, and respects each individual for who they are.

Paige Bigham

Consultant Nashville


Not everyone comes to the table with the same opportunities. To create a fairer society, we have to learn from each other. This is what we do everyday at SEI.

Janet Pendexter



When interviewing, I always inquire about an organization’s DE&I goals. Bill Gallagher’s decision to stand up a DE&I council really impressed me. SEI is intentional about moving initiatives forward in the most impactful way.

Tiffany Williams



As a minority living in the US, DE&I is extremely important to me. SEI has focused on DE&I throughout my six-year tenure here because it reinforces our mission. We hold each other accountable and we’ve made huge strides collectively.

Rohan Shah

Talent Acquisition


At SEI, we’re intentional in our efforts to foster inclusivity and belonging for current employees and potential ones. I’m excited to continue our DE&I initiatives within and outside of SEI so we always stay true to our values.

Anuja Agnihotri


Our Commitment to Our Cities

We pride ourselves on being embedded in our local communities across the United States, especially as we continue to grow our national presence. We invite you to learn more about our local initiatives and how our different offices are building an inclusive culture and leveraging DE&I to create value for local businesses and communities.

SEI in the Community


SEI is fantastic! The overall culture of transparency and fellowship within SEI highlights the benefits of true DE&I in action. I feel connected to my peers and I have never felt marginalized. SEI’s differentiator is that we are willing to walk beyond the talk. We seem to take an Agile approach in our DE&I efforts as we constantly re-evaluate what works best for us. I find the Courageous Conversations to be a good introspective exercise. It fits perfectly like a puzzle piece that fills in the picture of our culture of transparency.

Ifeanyi Igbo



At SEI Boston, we have established multiple DEI initiatives that I am proud of, for example, I am part of our DE&I Networking Initiative, where we are creating a process to proactively identify networking events to attend in order to expand our network. But it’s not our approach that differentiates us from other organizations that have developed similar strategies, it’s our people. If you don't have the leadership support or team that genuinely sees the need for diversity, then it doesn't matter what initiatives you put in place at your organization to drive DE&I — it'll fail. What's great about SEI is that our hiring process has successfully found people that fit our culture and who can see that as we grow as a firm, the only way we can continue our success is to become more diverse.

Wilson Kwong



I love SEI’s approach to DEI – our initiatives are authentic, organic, and often led by our own consultants.  This allows the office to get involved and affect change from all corners of the organization -- not just from the top down.  Initiatives like our Courageous Conversations allow the team to discuss difficult topics faced in and out of the workplace.  Our DINE events focus on smaller, casual meetups where consultants get together and discuss any DEI topic they choose and chat over good food.  These events are a safe space for everyone to share their background, their perspectives, and the challenges they face.  But, as you know, initiatives cannot be sustained if leadership is not diligent and intentional about making DEI a priority.  Our leadership team is committed to ensuring DEI values are weaved into every conversation, decision, and action to create a more equitable and inclusive place to work.

Angela Krans



In addition to metrics around representation, DEI is about each individual’s sense of belonging within their organization. That’s where you see the impact of diversity efforts that are working: the increased creativity, connection and engagement amongst your team.

Celina Tsu



I appreciate that SEI treats DEI not as something they check off a list and it is done, but something that must be nurtured and imbedded within our culture. SEI works hard to evolve and improve our policies and approach to ensure that we are inclusive and not only attract diverse employees but also provide a sense of belonging for all. I feel that I can bring my authentic self to work and that I am valued as a whole person vs only what I can provide to the bottom line. One of my favorite initiatives is our Courageous Conversation sessions as it allows us to get to know and understand each other in a safe space. This builds empathy, trust and a sense of community, which not only leads to a healthier work environment, but also contributes to a more collaborative workplace and better results. Everyone has a seat at the table at SEI.   

Magen Church

Talent Acquisition Manager


I love working with people who value diverse backgrounds and experiences, raise each other up as equals, and strive to create an inclusive culture.  Change requires a willingness to challenge norms and broaden personal horizons. Our team is willing to put in the work to make us better as individuals and as a company. 

Zach Davis


We recognize the value of diverse perspectives and backgrounds. That's why we build equity into our business model.

Join Us!
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Diversity at SEI

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

SEI’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council is part of our commitment to ensuring that all voices across our firm are heard.

Women in Technology

SEI is a champion of gender equity in technology. Our offices are active in a variety of initiatives that empower and support women in tech and data & analytics.

Courageous Conversations

We believe diversity drives business success. That’s why we’ve developed a speaker series that encourages honest, productive conversations around race, gender, and equity.

Wellness & Mental Health

The Mindful @ SEI Program is a collective across the organization with weekly mindfulness sessions and a dedicated channel for meditation, sharing resources, and support.

Navigating Parenthood

We have a family-first culture that enables our consultants to customize how they manage their work and personal life — learn more about how our policies encourage this.


For Our Clients

We partner with our clients to develop impactful DE&I programs that unlock the real the value of their teams.

DE&I programs can empower employees from different backgrounds and drive value across an organization. With a robust DE&I program in place, teams are stronger and ideas are more dynamic.

Our frameworks build upon our clients’ core values, people, and processes to create diverse and inclusive workplace cultures that unleash the potential of their employees. While no two frameworks are exactly alike, they all have one thing in common — the power to turn good organizations into great organizations. 

Culture is at the heart of everything we do — and our culture is defined by personal accountability and collaborative problem-solving. We bring this attitude to the office and to every client engagement.

Katie Tucker

Katie Tucker

Managing Principal

Trust, transparency, and kindness are all part of SEI’s culture. When I was new to SEI, I gained a lot from joining ‘Courageous Conversations’ and speaking to a set of diverse, supportive colleagues.


Jim DeMarco


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