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Application Development

Design, build, and scale innovative applications that create new opportunities


Lifecycle Management


Rapid Prototyping / POC


Requirements Development

The Challenge

Building the right solution is more important than building an all-encompassing one.

Presented with an endless array of platforms and technologies, many companies struggle to identify best-fit solutions for their technological landscape. Legacy systems and outdated, off-the-shelf SaaS products further complicate the options, leaving leaders unsure how to proceed.

The right solution must address key business challenges, integrate with existing systems, and remain cost-effective. However, many companies still function with traditional teams that operate in silos, with individuals focusing solely on their piece of the puzzle. This lack of collaboration requires heavy lifting on the part of management to ensure all of the pieces fit together, resulting in wasted time and resources. In addition, outdated methodologies for building software hamper time to market, elevate total cost of ownership, and impede product and technology teams’ ability to pivot.

Pushing forward without modern technologies and methodologies won’t do these companies any good. In fact, it only leads to poorly designed products that fail to scale or meet end-users’ needs. Applications may suffer from a lack of interoperability and take weeks or even months to upgrade. As a result, functions and applications that took millions of dollars to design and deploy are either left untouched or stuck in a backlogged cycle of updates — putting a direct dent in the company’s bottom line.


Global Beverage Producer

A global beverage producer needed to develop more than a dozen custom applications and data analytics solutions across their Amazon Web Services platform. SEI designed and delivered 16 customer applications that resolved end-user pain points and improved cost savings for the organization.

Our Approach

Build more dynamic applications with cloud solutions, serverless architecture, and automation.

At SEI, we have decades worth of software engineering and delivery experience under our belts. This collective experience allows us to develop applications from the ground up, breaking down communication, design, and budgeting barriers along the way.

Through strategic planning and tactical execution, we guide organizations through every phase of the application development lifecycle. Our consultants leverage modern cloud technologies and Lean Agile and DevOps methodologies to level up the client teams with which they collaborate. Committed to continuous improvement, we employ best-in-class engineering practices such as automated deployments and testing, serverless first architecture, and rapid prototyping to optimize the total cost of ownership and scalability. Why? Because we know our clients’ technological excellence is on the line.


Global Automotive Business

A global automotive business needed to upgrade one of their digital products to improve the end-user experience and enhance data accuracy. SEI provided end-to-end program leadership, conducting in-depth assessments and intentional change management initiatives that ensured widespread adoption of the product upgrade.

The Results

Launch applications that take your company to new heights.

At SEI, we take application development to the next level, working with leaders across sectors to turn thought-provoking ideas into powerful solutions. Our consultants truly care about the success of the entire project, rather than simply completing a piece of the puzzle. We cultivate meaningful relationships, build out custom strategies, and design and deploy innovative, high fidelity applications that drive specific business results.

Through collaborative designing and prototyping, automated testing, and continuous deployment, we ensure only top-of-the-line applications are released to end users. New applications and SaaS-based solutions are engineered to seamlessly integrate with legacy systems, enhance operational efficiency, and propel top organizational priorities. With our end-to-end coaching and support, organizational productivity is never disrupted — it’s dramatically improved. End users take note, readily adopting a solution they can utilize with ease, and the business at large benefits from improved efficiency and expanded opportunity.


Mobile Payment Provider

A leading provider for on-demand mobile parking payments needed to migrate its data storage and applications to the cloud while establishing an API strategy that enabled data and service access to external and internal stakeholders. SEI provided on-the-ground coaching, successfully migrating all on-premise databases to the cloud and producing several API products quickly and efficiently.