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Process Improvement

Bespoke process frameworks drive efficiency and generate long-term value


Gap Analysis


Process Standardization & Design


Resource Optimization

The Challenge

Process inefficiencies hamper speed, quality, and costs.

Organizations struggling with poor performance may not know how to pinpoint the culprit of their shortcomings. Indicators such as high yields, longer-than-average time-to-customer, negative stakeholder and customer feedback, and ill-planned budgets often point to significant process inefficiencies. And even with the top talent on the market and the best-fit technological solutions, topline performance can sputter to a halt without highly effective processes and operational frameworks in place.

Generally speaking, organizations suffering from process issues see detrimental effects relating to speed, quality, cost, or some combination of these factors. Whether process inefficiencies arise as a result of new product development, an initiative to enter a new market, or emerge as the natural outcome of deep-seated cultural norms within the organization, resolving process issues requires a root-cause analysis, a set of clearly-defined goals, and a tailored strategy to achieve those goals.

Process_Improvement_Data _Request _System_case-study


Data Request System

A global asset management firm engaged SEI to transform business and tech processes across 16 countries in light of GDPR requirements. SEI re-engineered an end-to-end request process, aligning strategies with legal, compliance, technology, and operations priorities. With a robust process for managing Data Subject Access Requests, the client achieved ongoing, reliable compliance.

Our Approach

A customized, people-first approach promises better results.

SEI does not preach a standardized approach to process improvement. No two clients’ needs, organizational structure, or culture are the same — why should their strategies and solutions be? We operate on a people-centric philosophy, collaborating with key stakeholders across the organization from day one to establish the lay of the land, identify areas for improvement, and develop customized approaches for reaching critical objectives.

In partnering with our clients, SEI defines current processes, the factors driving them, as well as existing gaps and bottlenecks. We work with decision-makers to understand organizational goals, which we use to identify recommended changes, as well as the methods and costs associated with each. Based on the inputs from gap and need analyses, our consultants design improved processes that take into account key success factors of the future state. We lead stakeholder management efforts throughout this process to ensure that everyone is aligned around end goals.

Where other firms might pack up shop, SEI is just getting started. We roll up our sleeves to implement new processes from start to finish, and spearhead resource allocation and optimization efforts. Further, we underscore all initiatives with proven change management best practices to guarantee that changes are sustainable and scalable.



Onboarding Optimization

A major hospital engaged SEI to evaluate and remediate bottlenecks in its onboarding process. SEI led process and system analyses and provided recommendations to generate both short- and long-term value. We optimized the onboarding process across 10 business and IT groups and implemented a solution that improved KPI tracking, leading to improved governance and accountability.

The Results

Score immediate wins and poise your organization for sustained success.

SEI’s senior-level consultants marry functional expertise with domain-specific experience to deliver unparalleled results to every client. We work hand-in-hand with C-suite decision-makers and frontline employees alike to design and execute on strategic roadmaps for process improvement — whether for a limited-scope project or across a multinational enterprise.

By designing and deploying custom-built processes, SEI adds quantitative value by reducing costs, elevating efficiency, and boosting quality. At the same time, we maximize cultural capital by taking a cross-functional, collaborative approach that builds trust among teams. Ensuring that all employees feel heard, valued, and bought-into the change, our consultants help streamline the transition to new processes and increase rates of adoption. With optimized process frameworks, our clients capitalize on immediate value and propel long-term success.



Time-to-Market Acceleration

A medical device conglomerate engaged SEI to boost innovation and speed new product time-to-market. SEI piloted 14 potential process enhancements over two years that impacted R&D, procurement, finance, legal, operations, and more. We rolled out successful strategies that accelerated time-to-market by 25%, decreased procurement times, and raised expected net present value by $328M.