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Information Security

Your information technology is your kingdom — fortify it well


Identity & Access Management


Vendor Selection & Implementation


Vulnerability Management & Defense

The Challenge

Threats to organizations’ information assets are growing.

Information security sits at the nexus of data protection and technology infrastructure management. Companies need to optimize organizational procedures and practices to ensure that a company’s data assets are protected from threats — both external and internal, digital and physical. This means auditing existing assets and technologies, mitigating vulnerabilities, and ensuring organizations have the necessary processes in place to safeguard against threats. It also means cultivating security awareness by educating employees about best practices for preventing and navigating breaches.

As more organizations shift to cloud-based infrastructures and digital storage, they face multifaceted challenges — from managing isolated cyberattacks to building a culture of information security and operational vigilance.

In all cases, companies must align business strategy with technological capabilities and existing operating systems and processes. A successful information security overhaul requires major organizational change guided by effective communication at all levels. This begins with company-wide buy-in and evolves through collaborative responses to changing requirements by IT and business teams.



National Restaurant Chain

A national restaurant chain suffered a data compromise in which customer credit card data was stolen. SEI helped mitigate the vulnerabilities by implementing new end-point protection, threat detection, incident management, secure credit card processing solutions, and information security best practices training to prevent these types of compromises in the future.

Our Approach

Bolster security and drive sustainable success through integrated solutions.

Our consultants have a wide breadth of information security experience, ranging from vulnerability management and cyber defense to identity and access management, training, and security awareness. Working collaboratively with key stakeholders, SEI empowers organizations to shift from a reactive to a proactive information security posture. We facilitate comprehensive evaluations of clients’ data collection, storage, and governance practices, and we identify gaps in security at the infrastructure, network, application, email, and endpoint levels. Based on our findings, we develop customized transformation strategies and implement technology solutions that align with clients’ unique business objectives.

By bringing in a team of senior consultants with deep functional expertise, we apply cross-industry best practices and provide end-to-end support, from vendor selection to on-site implementation and integration. Working closely with executives and vendors, we choose and implement technology with business objectives in mind, and customize performance indicators, reports, and dashboards to ensure they stay on track.

We work with our clients to see beyond isolated cybersecurity solutions and to help ensure long-term success by enabling an organization-wide cultural shift for every client. Further, we implement comprehensive education programs to help organizations progress to the next level of information security maturity.



Fortune 500 Company

SEI stood up a comprehensive phishing security awareness program for a Fortune 500 company. Our consultants worked with the client to grade vendors based on their requirements and assist with implementation. Post-implementation, we established baseline employee click rates, benchmarked against industry standards, and helped create processes for dealing with repeat offenders.

The Results

Achieve a proactive information security posture — backed by data.

Security breaches cost organizations millions of dollars each year, and severe data breaches can even threaten the survival of an organization. By applying industry best practices and developing meaningful partnerships with SMEs and security vendors, we clearly define critical security controls and implement comprehensive, custom-tailored security programs.

We help organizations develop cost-effective solutions, select best-fit vendors, and develop metrics, processes, and controls that help actively monitor and prevent threats while continuing to drive growth. Through comprehensive training, we ensure that employees develop confidence in avoiding costly cybersecurity threats such as phishing and whaling.

Working closely with internal teams, we also help clients implement better password management practices and multi-factor authentication, apply smart URL filtering and blocking, standardize protocols, conduct network segmentation, manage data access, and more. Our engagements help information security programs evolve and endure with the help of scalable models that can be adapted for use across a range of technology infrastructures, industries, and business models.



Global Consulting Firm

SEI managed a full-cycle phishing awareness project for a global professional services firm. We helped select and implement an O365-integrated tool and deployed it to 30,000+ users. SEI established a global baseline, developed training programs, and implemented simulated but targeted phishing campaigns with automated reporting, which helped reduce overall phishing incidents.