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Strategy & Execution

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Strategy Design

The Challenge

The success of a new business strategy hinges on its execution.

To remain competitive in a crowded and fast-paced environment, leaders must continually evolve strategies to differentiate their business’ products and offerings. However, just as important as the strategy itself is the organization’s ability to artfully execute on such strategies and effectively produce results.

This can be challenging for many organizations — especially those navigating new opportunities outside of their normal practice areas. Strategy execution requires seasoned leaders equipped with the skills to effectively roadmap transformational change in alignment with their organization’s unique business model and goals. Cross-functional collaboration is paramount — particularly among teams and stakeholders with distinct points of view and diverging agendas.


Medical Device Manufacturer

A top three medical device firm was rapidly losing its stronghold on the market, requiring a strategic shift in its existing approach. SEI developed and led a multi-layered program to transform the company, thereby increasing revenue and employee engagement.

Our Approach

Create a roadmap that sustains top-down excitement.

At SEI, we begin every client engagement by understanding our client’s operating model and culture, with a focus on pinpointing barriers to strategy implementation. With these insights in hand, we develop and execute roadmaps that give our sponsors the momentum they need to generate and sustain organizational support.

Pairing our expertise in data analytics and technology enablement with our clients’ unique capabilities, we bring innovative business strategies to life. We connect with employees at every level of the organization, integrating ourselves into the company culture in order to serve as trusted partners. This allows us to ensure our clients are positioned for ongoing success.


Media Startup

A startup media barter company needed to enact a $7 million organizational transformation to increase its ability to scale efficiently. SEI conducted exhaustive internal assessments that informed comprehensive change management initiatives, a robust organizational redesign, and the launch of six new applications. As a result of these efforts, the organization witnessed a drastic uptick in productivity.

The Results

Achieve your most ambitious goals through effective execution.

Working in collaboration with key stakeholders, we build and execute strategies as unique as our clients. We pride ourselves not only on our ability to provide top-notch advisory rooted in decades of proven industry experience, but also on our ability to deliver seamless execution.

Our lean, seasoned teams partner with executives at start-ups and Fortune 500s alike. Regardless of a client’s industry or size, we aren’t satisfied until results are achieved. Over the course of our tenure, we’ve consistently designed and executed strategies that match industry demands and exceed unique business objectives.

Whether we’re implementing growth strategies that increase workforce productivity by 25% or standing up new revenue streams to enable long-term viability, we position every client to navigate the evolving business landscape with confidence.



Major Retailer

One of the nation’s largest retailers sought to accelerate its growth and improve its current recruiting process. SEI migrated the organization to a unified recruiting platform, overseeing the collaboration between client and vendor, and led a phased rollout across the entire organization.