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Professional Services

Optimize your operations and improve performance

INDUSTRY overview

As technology evolves, companies within the professional services sector are being inundated with new tools, systems, and processes. They are attempting to adopt Agile methodologies, implement tools with sophisticated UX/UI, manage big data, and beyond, all while providing unparalleled service to their clients. For many professional services companies, the pressure to modernize across business areas and functions can become overwhelming.

At SEI, we relieve the pressure by embedding ourselves into the company culture of our clients’ organizations, becoming not just consultants, but dedicated, on-site team members. We begin every engagement with comprehensive current vs. future state assessments and work with key stakeholders to identify core business objectives. By creating a holistic picture of an organization’s pain points, performance gaps, technological infrastructure, business goals, and organizational structure, we are able to craft tailored, data-driven strategies. Marrying years of technical expertise with on-the-ground business savvy, we build compelling value cases for executives, perform market analyses, conduct vendor technology evaluations, execute proofs of concept to ensure project viability, and iterate until we feel confident in deploying new solutions and strategies.

Our key differentiator is our ability to execute. Where other firms outline lofty strategies and high-level plans and then pack up shop, we roll up our sleeves and get to work deploying every client’s vision effectively and efficiently.

Working directly with each division of an organization, we leverage proven change management expertise to align all employees around new systems and procedures. We guarantee that new tools and processes serve as sustainable solutions to business challenges rather than quick fixes. With the right strategy in place, professional services organizations can optimize their operations and hone their practice.


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Product Management

Project management uncertainties paired with friction between departments and low morale resulted in record-low development rework for the innovation hub of a leading legal technology provider. With the support of the President and VP, SEI implemented an Agile framework and integrated innovative techniques, such as rapid prototyping, to significantly improve speed-to-market.


A leading human resources firm was selling a large market health and wealth benefits service to a buying entity. SEI represented the divesting organization and was charged with coordinating financial due diligence and operational analysis to foster greater collaboration and reestablish trust between the two organizations.

Operational Excellence

When a leading technology services provider was acquired by a larger firm, a drastic change to their existing customer service delivery model was in order. SEI was brought in to design a target operating model, redefine team structures and reporting lines, and facilitate a hands-on approach that set employees up for a smooth transition.