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Construction & Real Estate

Process improvements that drive value

INDUSTRY overview

Construction & real estate, by their very nature, are cyclical sectors, reactive to the fluctuations of the global economy. As such, construction & real estate companies face the constant challenge of improving their agility and their ability to manage change efficiently and effectively. These standard issues are compounded by a fractured market wrought by frequent mergers and acquisitions and ongoing digital disruption. Today’s construction & real estate firms are tasked with scaling effectively, breaking into new markets, and expanding their capabilities, all while navigating the shifting tides of markets at large.

At SEI, we help construction & real estate clients select and implement the right technology to enhance operations, manage vendor relationships, promote operational excellence, and maximize long-term value.

With a collaborative, people-first approach, our consultants work hand-in-hand with client stakeholders to evaluate performance gaps, key business goals, and the existing operational and technological infrastructures at play. With this information, we build out custom strategies designed to drive the transformation. Through dedicated, on-the-ground strategic advisory, we select and deploy customized technology solutions that improve project visibility, reporting capabilities, and vendor and subcontractor management for construction clients. We help streamline operations to ensure proper handoffs and clear communication.

Furthermore, we understand that no technology or operational transformation is likely to be successful without comprehensive and ongoing buy-in from employees at all levels. That’s why we infuse every client engagement with change management best practices, coaching leaders and planning in-depth training workshops that cultivate a company culture guaranteed to deliver long-term success.

Our consultants excel in providing clear and focused project leadership. From digital transformation to post-merger change management, we provide end-to-end on-site support to ensure successful implementation and visible results. Backed by tailored, data-driven strategies, we help clients to mitigate risk, manage costs, and protect their bottom lines every step of the way.


Share of construction companies using BIM


Share of rework caused by poor project data and miscommunication


Share of CRE owners planning to increase their investment in data governance
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Global Interactive Fitness Company

A global interactive fitness company was expanding its presence by opening new offices, retail stores, and distribution centers. Working closely with various stakeholders, we built consensus across teams in areas including knowledge management, project intake, roadmapping, prioritization, and service transition, and helped implement project management best practices across the organization.

Regional Healthcare System

SEI helped ensure the successful delivery of clinical systems, equipment, and supporting infrastructure for a regional healthcare system expansion. Our consultants managed multiple rollouts and established a robust project reporting and governance process. By providing technical leadership, we facilitated the seamless transition of the client’s biomedical and technical systems.

Steel Products Provider

A leading provider of steel products needed to ensure executive management data assets were accurate. SEI designed and implemented a custom dimensional data warehouse solution that supported the provider’s entire value chain and that enabled the completion of sales and inventory management processes in weeks rather than months.