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Solution Delivery

Plan, execute, and succeed


Agile Execution


ROI and Value Creation


Strategic Planning

The Challenge

Inadequate support and experience quickly derail solution delivery.

Marked by mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments, leadership transitions, and more, the modern business landscape is constantly evolving. As companies seek to manage multiple high-stakes initiatives at once, resource limitations, organizational design challenges, and IT infrastructure roadblocks quickly emerge, leaving business success up in the air.

Many companies rely on project managers or department leaders to navigate these challenges and deliver on core KPIs. But even with a wealth of experience, these professionals may feel overwhelmed by the task of juggling various priorities, aligning stakeholder goals, anticipating operational hurdles, and troubleshooting in real-time — while remaining on schedule and within budget. Producing detailed project schedules, status reports, and RAID logs can help mitigate some challenges, but sufficient planning is rarely enough to realize holistic project success.

Truly effective solution delivery necessitates leadership backed by actionable, data-driven insights and the ability to preempt challenges, proactively develop mitigation measures, and generate company-wide buy-in to drive adoption of new processes and procedures. Without comprehensive, end-to-end expertise, projects often fall short of one or more of their key objectives, ultimately causing preventable damage to the company’s bottom line.



A private, not-for-profit hospital sought to launch a new electronic health record (EHR) system in collaboration with a local healthcare institution. SEI partnered with the hospital to successfully usher in this comprehensive, cross-functional solution.

Our Approach

Preempt challenges and accelerate progress.

At SEI, we don’t just oversee solution delivery — we own it. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we leverage nearly three decades’ worth of experience to execute on all counts of a multi-step organizational transformation. From initial project planning and market analysis to prototyping, implementation, and beyond, we take accountability for ensuring project priorities are on track and teams are engaged.

That’s why we collaborate with employees at every level of the organization, weaving deliberate change management activities throughout the solution delivery timescale. Our extensive end-user training, personalized coaching, flexible frameworks, and robust communication practices generate company-wide buy-in, empowering employees to roll out new solutions with confidence and tact.

Pairing this on-the-ground approach with our rich history of experience, we identify obstacles to delivery and take action before they bring productivity to a halt. As dedicated, on-site members of a company’s team, we’re committed to quickly and efficiently achieving targeted results that yield long-term success. We empower every client to stop reacting and start acting toward their business goals.



With numerous acquired companies under its umbrella, a leading insurance firm decided to implement a centralized system for data management. SEI led technology implementation across each of the various organizations, creating unity and cohesion among the previously disjointed business units.

The Results

Drive faster, smarter delivery.

At SEI, we have one goal: to design and execute on effective solutions that achieve core business objectives for our clients. Over the course of our tenure, clients have turned to our team to transform their IT systems, develop their centers of excellence, implement centralized data management capabilities, and much more. Regardless of the call to action, we answer.

Embedding ourselves into our clients’ cultures and existing workflows, we become more than consultants — we become trusted advisors and valuable team players who go to bat for our clients every day. We cultivate relationships with top-level executives and front-line employees alike to build the level of trust, transparency, and consensus needed to effectively implement large-scale transformations. No matter the ask, we provide comprehensive lifecycle management on every project, guaranteeing that business objectives and client expectations aren’t just met — they’re exceeded.


Financial Services

A leading financial institution needed to implement an improved fund administration operating model for its global private equity, fund-of-funds, LP services, and real estate business units. SEI identified strategic objectives and developed a detailed technology roadmap to drive execution.