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Cloud & Technology Strategies

Migrate to the cloud with confidence


Hybrid Cloud Solution Design


On-Prem Virtualization


Systems Integration

The Challenge

Companies struggle to find the right cloud-based solution for their business.

Cloud-based solutions provide companies with highly scalable, responsive IT infrastructures — if they’re implemented effectively. The cloud is agile and fast by nature, with new vendors and solutions hitting the market nearly every month. For companies managing multiple projects and high-stakes demands, taking time to pause and get up to speed with the latest advancements can feel overwhelming, if not entirely out of the question.

But while some companies struggle to keep pace, thousands of others don’t even know where to begin. With so many platforms to sift through, identifying cost-effective solutions that meet their unique goals and objectives — all while remaining in budget — can feel nearly impossible. When this happens, one of two scenarios is likely to unfold — leaders remain in limbo, hesitant to spend a significant portion of their budget, or they rush to select a vendor without conducting research to back up their decision.


U.S. Ivy League University

A prominent university sought to migrate its on-premise enterprise applications to the cloud to reduce operating costs and improve performance. SEI created a coherent cloud presence, leveraging a multipronged approach that delivered business value while improving cybersecurity.

Our Approach

Empowering organizations to play at a higher level.

Understanding that no two technical projects are the same, SEI consultants work closely with each client to identify the cloud solution best suited for their unique business needs. We begin every engagement by meeting with client executives and project teams to address the project from a bird’s-eye-view, identifying key problems and ideal outcomes.

Once all key stakeholders are aligned, SEI consultants design detailed blueprints to propel the organization toward its technology goals. Not only do we select the best-suited cloud provider for the given project and client — vetting their platforms to ensure they’re secure, reliable, and appropriate for the project at hand — we also manage the costs, processes, and skill sets needed to implement and integrate it effectively. Keeping an eye on the existing frameworks against which organizations must write code, we work with leaders to evolve and adapt their frameworks and introduce new ones.

Above all else, SEI’s tech strategies are centered upon helping clients select the right tools for their needs while maintaining a focus on human-centered design. Working with the client’s IT and operations teams, SEI consultants ensure new systems and solutions solve the problems that stand in the way of success.

We’re committed not only to solving today’s problems, but to arming organizations with the tools they need to maintain a sustainable advantage in highly disrupted markets. That’s why we bring cloud-adjacent technologies into the conversation — including the IoT, machine-learning, blockchain, robotics, and VR/AR — to empower companies to play at a higher level. Our focus on present and future challenges enables us to create future-proof solutions, allowing our clients to expand their business strategies as they evolve without investing significant time and resources into researching, deploying, and configuring new environments.


Global Beverage Producer

The world’s largest beverage producer was caught in a hybrid environment, with some assets in on-premise data centers and others located on the cloud. SEI developed and deployed a cloud native computing strategy to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

The Results

Streamlined operations and improved organizational agility.

Any significant transformation within an organization is bound to impact employees. That’s why our consultants work with leaders to develop cohesive strategies that facilitate a smooth transition from on-prem systems to cloud-based solutions, or some combination of the two. Leveraging our wealth of experience in change management, we develop culture roadmaps that ensure employees won’t slip through the cracks of change, but seamlessly integrate their daily work with new systems.

SEI consultants think big, developing long-term cloud strategies that enhance — rather than hinder — short-term operations. Leveraging an in-depth understanding of business process development and optimization, we align leaders and frontline employees across departments around top priorities to make every transition as seamless as possible. As a result, operations are optimized for time- and cost-efficiency and the organization achieves a higher degree of agility and adaptability.

But our key differentiator is the breadth and depth of our collective experience in engineering, operations and management, development, networking, system architecture, and governance. Many of us have been in our clients’ shoes in the past and we understand their challenges firsthand. This provides us with a truly empathetic perspective, allowing us to avoid common pitfalls and keep business processes running smoothly across IT and governance teams. Our approach focuses on more than just project delivery, but on creating systemic changes that result in sustained success.


Major Retailer

A leading retailer sought to overhaul their outdated business processes and technology. SEI stepped in to help lead this large-scale transformation, starting with an internal review of existing processes and procedures. Using data gleaned from this assessment, we identified and implemented a best-fit process-mining cloud solution to further assess the situation and inform a data-driven course of action.