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Organizational Design

The right organizational structure empowers you to achieve more


Organizational structure assessment & redesign


People/talent management


Workforce optimization

The Challenge

It’s easy to neglect the nuts and bolts at the heart of organizational change.

Large-scale transformations are an inevitable part of today’s business landscape. Whether it’s a merger or acquisition, a technology modernization effort, or a market differentiator — like the emphasis on personalized customer experiences — such seismic shifts may upend routine business practices and force leaders to reevaluate existing strategies.

As the focus shifts to new business priorities and realities, many organizations fail to consider the ways in which their teams and departments could be restructured to support company-wide transformation. This failure to examine existing workflows, governance models, team structures, and employee capabilities hampers the success and effectiveness of any organizational change.

Without a sound organizational foundation that clearly defines roles and responsibilities, promotes cross-functional collaboration, and elevates operational efficiency, gaps between the current and desired future state widen. Transformations are not supported by existing organizational architecture, confusion over functional roles emerges, and time- and cost-intensive redundancies abound, resulting in expenditures and delays that impede organizational growth.





A large-scale House of Brands e-Commerce company was scaling rapidly with aggressive P&L requirements. To meet these targets, the company needed to optimize and effectively organize its workforce. SEI stepped up to the plate, working with stakeholders to develop an organizational design that empowered employees and fostered wide-scale adoption of new processes. 

Our Approach

Marry tailored roadmaps with proven strategies to mobilize change.

At SEI, we believe that organizational design is about optimizing department and team blueprints in a way that empowers all employees to navigate business transformations with tact and do their part to drive top-line business goals.

That’s why we start every client engagement with detailed current and future state assessments. These holistic evaluations allow us to home in on desired outcomes, generate alignment, and identify antiquated employee workflows and staffing structures impeding the progress of effective business transformation.

Through exhaustive talent assessments, we develop detailed organizational maps that outline new roles and responsibilities as well as end-to-end workflows. Every department, team, and individual position on the map is optimized to support and sustain the future state while increasing operational efficiency. Below the surface of these maps, we craft detailed job descriptions, comprehensive onboarding plans, data-backed compensation models, rigorous performance evaluation criteria and metrics, career development plans, succession strategies, transition plans, and more. Our full-scale approach to organizational design leaves no stone unturned, ensuring that structures and systems support high performance on the individual, team, and organizational levels.




Technology Services Provider

When a leading technology services provider was acquired by a larger firm, a drastic change to their existing customer service delivery model was in order. SEI was brought in to design a target operating model, redefine team structures and reporting lines, and facilitate a hands-on approach that set employees up for a smooth transition. 

The Results

Bring your workforce — and your business — to the next level.

As corporate strategies evolve in accordance with market demands, technology advancements, and new business models, so too must the teams and individuals that support them.

At SEI, we deploy tailored strategies that address clients’ unique demands while remaining flexible to changing circumstances and evolving requirements. Working across every layer of an organization, we unify proven on-the-ground operational tactics with high-level business objectives, addressing the talent, processes, and technologies that must come together to make a large-scale transformation successful.

We mobilize powerful strategies that help organizations of all sizes and shapes move from their current state to their desired future state. Leveraging detailed analyses and assessments, we provide customized frameworks that engage the entire workforce, focusing on top-down and bottom-up approaches. These frameworks lay the groundwork for organizational success, streamlining existing workflows, creating clarity among employees, and empowering teams to take ownership over desired outcomes. With clearly defined roles and responsibilities that align with targeted KPIs, organizational transformations are launched without delay. As a result, clients maximize time-, resource-, and cost-savings, promote organizational growth, and lift productivity and employee engagement levels.



Media Agency

A media barter agency was launching a widespread digital transformation, resulting in a much-needed organizational redesign. SEI joined forces with the company to develop a revised organizational model that addressed modern-day needs while considering future growth and long-term success.