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Solution Design

Designing, architecting, and integrating solutions built to last


Solution Architecture


User Training


Vendor Identification & Management

The Challenge

Organizations must create solutions that meet current and future business needs.

Every twenty-first century company is a software company. As organizations evolve, so too must their software solutions. Even organizations without active development teams have to navigate the integration of third-party development platforms, constantly evaluating competing vendors to identify best-fit partners. Technology decisions made without clearly defined objectives or comprehensive planning lead to risky investment, excessive overhead, wasted time, and, ultimately, lost dollars.

But getting all parties aligned around what needs to happen, when, and how becomes an obstacle all on its own. Solution designers, architects, and engineers must tactfully navigate these cultural and political complexities, encouraging collaboration, communication, and compromise to identify solutions that garner approval from all stakeholders. Without this buy-in, success rates falter.

Once alignment is achieved, the question of system integration remains. Many organizations — sometimes entire industries — rely on legacy systems to fuel their day-to-day operations.

Rather than adopt a “rip and replace” approach, teams can design an efficient solution that seamlessly integrates into the current IT ecosystem to leverage existing investment.


Mobile App Development

A Fortune 500 consumer products company wanted to build a scalable suite of mobile applications to empower beauty advisors to increase their product sales. SEI provided end-to-end solution design leadership, successfully delivering a mobile suite of cloud native applications that increased sales by an average of 25%.

Our Approach

Design configurable, high-quality solutions that are flexible and maintainable.

At SEI, we understand that no two IT ecosystems are alike. That’s why we begin every client engagement with a thorough analysis, collaborating with stakeholders to evaluate the current state versus the desired future state, pinpoint critical KPIs, and identify business needs and standardization requirements as they relate to the existing tech stack.

From assessing requirements and conducting rapid prototyping to developing, testing, and deploying new solutions, we remain committed to collaboration, adapting our role as teammate or coach according to clients’ unique needs. At SEI, solution design goes hand-in-hand with DevOps, ensuring that solution integrity is always maximized.

Our team of talented technologists are focused on architecting future-proof solutions, designing with an eye toward future enhancements, optimizing the structure for easy adoption of additional modifications and extensions as well as simple debugging. We balance this flexibility by ensuring that every solution prioritizes information security and is structured for resilience.

Our consultants merge technical expertise with business savvy, combining off-the-shelf software with configurable solutions to create a robust infrastructure that elevates organizational efficiency, maximizes ROI, and drives critical business goals — all while integrating with existing systems and deftly adhering to proven industry standards.


Consumer Data Platform

A leading consumer products company needed to evaluate various software solutions to support the creation of a best-of-breed consumer data platform. SEI collaborated with key business stakeholders to successfully deliver a cloud-first proof of concept (POC) that combined highly configurable, third-party data with an existing integration framework to facilitate simplified deployment on a global scale.

The Results

Maximize short-term value while maintaining long-term vision.

The sustained success of an organization hinges on leaders’ abilities to quickly and efficiently address business challenges of every magnitude. Oftentimes, that means implementing new solutions, updating and scaling existing ones, or some combination of the two to produce the desired business outcomes.

Known for our agility and adaptability, we identify the root cause of every problem, building tailored, profitable solutions that seamlessly integrate with best-of-breed cloud computing platforms or within an organization’s existing infrastructure. Exercising years of experience in rapid prototyping, UX/UI design, and data governance, we never sacrifice quality for speed. We make sure every solution is built right the first time, with an emphasis on short-term problem resolution and long-term scalability.

Most importantly, we think outside-of-the-box while bringing a holistic approach to every project — one that enhances organizational efficiency, elevates productivity and technical functionality, and enables organizations to maximize their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Working hand-in-hand with every client, we create short-term value while driving long-term vision.


On-Premise Application Development

A Fortune 500 company sought to enhance their consumers’ in-store buying experience using native cloud services that integrated with on-premise applications. SEI delivered a mobile suite of point-of-sale (POS) applications, transforming the company’s existing operating procedures.