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The city that started it all


ABOUT SEI Cincinnati

The Queen City, The Nati, Porkopolis — whatever you call it, Cincinnati has been home to SEI for more than 25 years. And we’re proud of the lasting relationships we’ve built with the biggest and brightest companies that share a connection with this great city.

Embedded in the fabric of SEI since Dan Pierce founded the company in 1992, our core values of excellence, participation, integrity, and collaboration are the foundation of our people-first mentality. At SEI, we bring experienced, best-in-class consultants together and empower them to lead and partner with our clients to tackle their biggest challenges.

While SEI has grown to 10 offices nationwide, Dan’s founding principles and vision for SEI are still the bedrock of our organization today: a collaborative and family-friendly environment, with broad-based employee ownership and a local delivery model that allow our consultants to live, work and give back in the communities we all call home.


how we’ve helped


Blue Skies logo

Team Fastrax™ Warrior Weekend to Remember

Each year, nonprofit organization Blue Skies for the Good Guys and Gals (BS3G) hosts the Team Fastrax™ Warrior Weekend to Remember, which includes a series of fundraising, awareness, and social events for U.S. veterans, their families, and supporters. Participating in the weekend’s activities, SEI’s Cincinnati team honors our nation’s heroes and forges meaningful relationships within the community.

Freestore Foodbank logo

Freestore Foodbank

Through regular volunteering and donation, SEI’s Cincinnati team helps the Freestore Foodbank provide nutritious food and a pathway from crisis to stability for those in need. We’re committed to furthering the Freestore Foodbank vision of creating a hunger-free, healthy, and thriving community.

Crayons to Computers logo

Crayons to Computers

Crayons to Computers is dedicated to leveling the playing field in the classroom by providing students in need with the tools to succeed in school. SEI team members support the organization’s outreach initiatives and donate regularly to ensure that no student in the Cincinnati metropolitan area goes without proper school supplies.

Matthew 25: Ministries

Matthew 25: Ministries

By volunteering regularly with Matthew 25: Ministries, SEI’s Cincinnati team helps the nonprofit organization fulfill its mission of providing nutritional food to the hungry, clean water to the thirsty, clothing to the naked, affordable shelter to the homeless, medical care to the ill, and humanitarian supplies to those in need.

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