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Drive improved health outcomes while maximizing cost-efficiency

INDUSTRY overview

U.S. healthcare spending continues to grow at unprecedented and unsustainable rates. Combined with an aging demographic and public demand for improved accessibility, quality, and affordability of care, the healthcare industry faces a slew of evolving challenges.

Further, recent decades have witnessed the broad-based digital transformation of the healthcare industry. Most providers now store information digitally, and while digital record-keeping improves ease of access, it also raises important questions about patient privacy, data sharing, and overall information security. These questions are multiplied as organizations increasingly invest in telehealth and digital therapeutics. Today’s players in the healthcare industry face a dynamic regulatory landscape, a shifting market riddled with cries for ethical data privacy practices, and growing pressure to innovate in order to deliver quality care — all while remaining cost-effective.

SEI consultants bring decades of experience in the healthcare and life sciences industries to the table. We work together with clients to develop and implement innovative solutions for technology enablement, data modernization and governance, and ethics & compliance. We help clients leverage AI and machine learning capabilities to deliver quality care while mitigating cost losses and compliance concerns.

At SEI, we understand that quality care depends on optimizing organizational performance. With an eye toward operational excellence and change management, we get in the trenches with healthcare clients to transform their organizations. Committed to providing end-to-end support and delivery leadership, we identify critical ways healthcare providers can achieve their business goals by applying advanced analytics, and we help organizations enhance their offerings and boost patient acquisition, satisfaction, and retention by migrating to cloud-based platforms and databases. We implement patient portals and data-driven scheduling systems that elevate the patient experience and promote higher rates of treatment compliance. Working collaboratively with clients to create customized approaches that work for them, we enable healthcare organizations to lower costs while expanding the scope of care, improving the patient experience, and driving better long-term health outcomes.


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Digitize Clinical Financial Reporting

SEI led the design, build, and training for new financial reporting solutions for the largest hospital system in the southern U.S. Collaborating with stakeholders, IT architects, and system support leads, our consultants integrated data from more than 1,000 ongoing clinical trials and dramatically simplified data reporting.

EHR Platform Implementation

SEI worked with stakeholders in a system of community hospitals to implement an EHR platform and align the new IT model with operations. Our consultants offered a structured assessment and provided capabilities and governance models to help the hospitals transition from independent operations to a shared service.

Operational Improvements

SEI partnered with cross-functional quality and technical teams in a neurotherapies company to identify gaps in technology and capabilities and improve the development process. We helped implement a streamlined development and documentation process, and ensured that all compliance requirements were met.