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Ethics & Compliance

Navigate regulatory challenges while retaining a competitive edge

What We Face

The Challenge

Implementing comprehensive compliance strategies requires alignment and focus.

Across industries — from manufacturing to healthcare, finance to e-commerce — organizations must constantly evolve in an effort to remain compliant with dynamic regulations and industry standards as well as internal company policies and operating procedures. In the face of an ever-changing regulatory landscape and the introduction of increasingly stringent privacy and cybersecurity rules, these organizations are tasked not only with adjusting a few practices in a single department, but realigning their cross-functional operational models and reexamining their solutions to adhere to complex requirements.

Challenged with evolving their business strategies and market share while remaining agile and adapting to changing compliance demands, many leaders find themselves ill-equipped to quickly define and implement robust programs that ensure they remain compliant and competitive.

Truly effective compliance programs require more than a few quick fixes; they require cross-functional collaboration and leadership buy-in to update existing practices and encourage a company-wide shift to a culture of compliance. If executed effectively, these programs position organizations as leaders in their industry, safeguarding reputations while reducing costs through automation and process optimization.


Global Cruise Line

In light of new GDPR guidelines, a U.S.-based global cruise company needed to achieve compliance readiness in a matter of months. SEI worked in collaboration with the company’s legal, IT, and operations teams to deliver cost-effective, impactful solutions on time and under budget, ultimately providing customers with enhanced data security.

How We Work

Our Approach

Cultivate a culture of compliance to promote sustained success.

At SEI, we understand that effective compliance programs can’t just be adopted in practice, but must also be adopted in thought and spirit. Working in partnership with organizational leadership, we implement programs that set the tone at the top and cultivate holistic cultures of compliance. This approach helps ensure all employees think and act with integrity, merging business value with business ethics.

Working hand-in-hand with key stakeholders, we establish the policies and procedures companies need to adhere to international, federal, and state regulations as well as industry standards and corporate best practices. We embed these compliance policies and procedures into clients’ organizational fabric through on-the-ground employee training, targeted communications, sophisticated control implementations, and consistent program monitoring and issue remediation.

Our consultants meet clients wherever they are in the compliance process, providing a tailored approach based on their specific industry, unique business objectives, current organizational maturity, and supporting technology infrastructure. Leveraging our extensive experience in process improvement, solution design and deployment, and change management, we help clients remain both compliant and competitive.


Global Asset Management Company

A leading global asset management services provider needed to conduct anti-money laundering/Know Your Customer (KYC) remediation across multiple global business lines. SEI led the enterprise-wide remediation process to ensure immediate compliance while setting the organization up for long-term compliance success.

How clients Win

The Results

Make your compliance strategy a competitive advantage — not a box to tick.

Building a comprehensive compliance program can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. At SEI, our collective experience working with clients across industries enables us to define and implement customized, end-to-end compliance strategies that garner company-wide support.

Our approach aligns disjointed teams, streamlines existing compliance processes, and leverages the power of technology to reduce risk and distinguish companies as leaders in their industries. We understand what it takes to turn reactive organizations into proactive ones, ready to meet the requirements of the dynamic regulatory landscape with competence and confidence.

Backed by certified anti-money laundering certifications and in-depth experience with SOX, NIST, PCI and GDPR, we improve clients’ overall compliance posture, empowering them to use new strategies to elevate their overall organizational agility and drive key business results efficiently and effectively.


Pharmaceutical Company

A global pharmaceutical client had three disjointed regional solutions for receiving whistleblower hotline reports, which led to inconsistencies in managing reports of non-compliance and compliance inquiries. SEI partnered with the client to create a new global reporting and investigation program to more quickly identify and mitigate risks.