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The SEI Blog – Year in Review

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What a year it’s been in 2013! At SEI, we started the year off with a bang when we rolled out our new website, complete with a new community section and posted our first blog entry on Feb 8th – The SEI Blog: A Focus on Candidate Engagement. Through this blog, we’ve allowed you to hear the voice of our most critical assets – our consultants. We’ve had the opportunity to share some of the inner workings of SEI, given you insight into some of the exciting service offerings and projects we’ve worked on with our clients, and highlighted some of the awards and community activities we’ve been involved in over the past year. Here are some of our most popular postings from 2013:

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3 Steps to Unleash Collaboration

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Collaboration [kuh-lab-uh-rey-shuhn]

The act of working with another or others on a joint project
Something created by working jointly with another or others
A buzzword used by nearly every consulting firm worldwide
Okay, I made the third one up.  But it’s true.  Many consulting firms tout tremendous reach-back potential and a unique ability to collaborate amongst their consulting brethren to help solve client problems. While this sounds great on paper, most of these firms struggle and ultimately fail when attempting to practice this in real life.

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