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By January 31, 2017Culture, Ownership

5 Reasons Why I Chose SEI for my Home

With each New Year, I take time to reflect on accomplishments of the past year; where I am and where I’m going. It’s an important ritual for me and last year was especially important as I had recently completed the interviewing process with SEI. With each passing interview, my excitement grew at the possibility of joining this exceptional group of individuals and being a part of this unique model. I was at a crossroads trying to determine if SEI was the right fit for me and my family.  My decision ultimately came down to these top 5 reasons.

#5 – Building a Business Together

A lot of companies tout the fact that everyone is building a business together. But, what does that really mean? At SEI, you are integral in building the business.  The employee ownership model at SEI is truly unique and something I have enjoyed being a part of. Throughout my first year, I’ve had multiple opportunities to work on initiatives that have a direct impact in growing a stronger SEI.  I am empowered to not only grow the business, but to own it.

#4 – The Opportunity to Help Clients (Really)

SEI is a company with a “client first” focus that empowers you to achieve client success. As a consultant, I’m in the driver’s seat to help analyze my client’s problems, make recommendations, and use all of the tools I have to help make their business successful.  As a company, we value consultants that add to our ability to help the client be successful. That means I get to utilize my creativity, analytical skills, and colleagues’ diverse skillsets to the highest potential– and it’s all in the name of helping set our clients up for success!

#3 – Building Relationships

Through this previous year with SEI, I’ve built lifetime friendships while building a business I’m passionate about. This is a business built on relationships making it incredibly rewarding and personal. The people that I work with aren’t just my colleagues, they’re my friends.

#2 – There’s No Shortage on Fun

One of the most important things that helped me decide that SEI was the right fit was the people and the community. At SEI, the business is built around culture and people – and it shows. From the volunteering, training together for different sporting events, to the always fantastic holiday party, there is always a way to feel a part of a family at SEI.

#1 – It’s All About One Word: Home

SEI works hard to build personal connections with each and every employee. SEI truly wants its employees to feel like they have found their home and be a part of the business, from the ground up. No other company works harder to build a culture that feels like home.

So, as we start a new year, I hope you’ve resolved to make changes that are exciting and engaging – in both your personal and your professional life! If any of those changes involves making a career change, I encourage you to come and make SEI your home.

Betsy Chernoff

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