2016 SEI Blog – Year in Review

Happy New Year!! While we prepare to make 2017 another great year, let’s look back at some of the highlights that made 2016 so memorable for SEI:

  • We opened a new office in Washington DC!
  • Continued to hire rockstar consultants into our SEI family!
  • Added new clients to our growing list of partners!
  • Increased our involvement within our communities!

Don’t just take my word for it, check out what our consultants have been saying…

Thought Leadership

Emotional IQ? Yes, It’s a ‘Thing’ and Can Help Your Projects Thrive – Understanding and developing your Emotional IQ can help you and your project teams thrive through the unforeseen.

Leading Communications – Effective communication is a critical factor for all phases of a project.

5 Tips for Building a Sustainable Culture Change – One of the most daunting, complex, and beneficial changes an organization goes through is culture transformation.

Incognito Change Management – Enacting successful change within an organization requires constant focus, hard work and much more.

What the 1988 Bengals Taught Me About Being Agile – Sport teams are not only inspirational for kids growing up, but can also teach important professional lessons on leadership and having an agile mindset


The Mosaic of SEI – SEI is a culture of individual differences that somehow blend together perfectly.

Are You Just “Holding On”? – Are you suffering through your job with a “business as usual” experience?

What’s your Approach? – How do we approach challenges at SEI? We collaborate, build a plan and execute. And have some fun doing it…

SEI Riders Finished the 2016 PMC – The 2016 Pan-Massachusetts Challenge (PMC) is in the books, and it was a milestone year!

University Recruiting – We’re Looking For More Than Our Next Great Hire  – “We’re not looking for employees.” That’s what our university marketing materials say. A statement designed to make people ask, “What is SEI looking for?”

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