2015 SEI Blog – Year in Review

Happy New Year!!  2015 was another successful year at SEI.  We continue to grow our family of rockstar consultants, client list and outreach into the community.  At SEI, we all believe in the same CORE values at work and in play.  Interested to learn more?  Check out what our consultants have to say and then view our current opportunities.


An Inside Look

Culture as a Strategy – While a great culture is hard to find and difficult to maintain, there are benefits to a strong culture that supports business strategy.

Servant Leadership is Our Responsibility – At SEI, servant leadership is our culture, our responsibility.

Working Solo, Not Alone – Consultants sometimes find themselves “flying solo” on client engagements. So how does a company like SEI manage to keep its employees engaged?

PHX: Valley of the Sun’s Best Kept Secret – What makes SEI different than other consulting companies?  How do we continue to grow as individual LOCs, but still stay united as a company?

SEI Volunteering – A Family Affair – Giving back to the community, teachable moments, and building bonds with your coworkers and their families is what SEI volunteering is all about! Learn how our communities and families benefit from collaboration!


Business Intelligence

Prototyping to Overcome BI Requirement Gathering Challenges – How do you overcome your challenges with BI requirement gathering? Try prototyping!

Zen and the Art of Data Quality – As data becomes increasingly valuable in driving business decisions, data quality is brought to the forefront of analytics projects.

Storytelling with Data – Data provides us with powerful opportunities to tell a story. With the advances in data visualization tools over the recent years, the possibilities are truly endless.

Thriving in an Agile World – An agile world can not only produce results, but thrive. What are the common traits shared by successful teams and initiatives?

Analyzing Digital Behaviors to Create Sustainable Success – Digital analytics offer valuable insight into customer behavioral data, measuring how (and allowing inferences into why) customers interact with a firm’s digital products.

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