Finding Success in Design Thinking

By | Collaboration, Strategy

Bringing Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, and Agile Methodology together is a powerful way for organizations to accelerate the achievement of customer-centric results across a variety of environments. In our third and final blog in this series, Bonnie Butler explores three innovative ways to leverage Design Thinking and user experience (UX) expertise to develop creative solutions to common challenges in the retail, medical device, and government sectors.

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Approaching Machine Learning

By | Data, Strategy, Technical

From predictively queuing a show for a video subscriber to watch next to mapping the building numbers for every street in France, Machine Learning offers a viable solution. But where do you start? In this blog, Sara Showalter explains why framing the problem and selecting the right team are critical to success.

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Does your data strategy deliver?

By | Data, Strategy

With marketplaces rapidly evolving, the data required to support decision making processes are changing at an equally breakneck pace. Is your technology delivery pipeline equipped to support the data demands of your business stakeholders? In this blog, Stephen Galloway explores how to overcome the disconnect between an organization’s data strategy and the tactical delivery capabilities that support it.

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