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Identity & Access Management

Don’t give away the keys to the kingdom


The Challenge

Putting the right resources in the right hands is mission-critical.

In highly digitized business landscapes, controlling who can access internal networks and data assets is foundational to an organization’s security strategy. Mismanaged or weak credentials can lead to costly data breaches and hamper growth. Organizations need a strategic, streamlined approach to effectively grant, monitor, and manage access to their digital environments — environments that encompass physical buildings, hardware, data assets, software, and more.

Developing an effective identity & access management framework helps ensure that employees’ digital access remains restricted to the servers, applications, and workstations required to fulfill their respective roles. Companies will need to stratify user permission in order to optimize operations while protecting sensitive data, including employee PII, intellectual property, and critical business systems. As organizations scale and their capabilities and needs become increasingly complex, many will require robust security technology and sophisticated monitoring frameworks.

At SEI, we understand that effective identity & access management requires not only selecting the right technology, but integrating that technology into existing systems and workflows, developing sound security protocols, and investing in comprehensive employee training. Beyond implementing new management software, fortifying an IAM framework requires organization-wide collaboration and visibility across all platforms and levels of access.


Management Consulting Firm

SEI helped a top management consulting firm evaluate their existing identity & access management framework by determining which users should have access to which data. Our consultants collaborated with the client to define and implement segregation of duties, build provisioning systems, and develop mechanisms for continuously monitoring user access.

Our Approach

Enable access that reflects unique requirements.

Our consultants understand that effective identity & access management begins with a thorough understanding of a client’s resources, organizational structure, and data assets. The test of a successful identity & access management system is whether it can adapt as employees transition in and out of the organization, responsibilities shift, and roles expand. We help clients build systems that are guaranteed to not only protect a company’s data assets effectively, but also remain agile enough to safeguard productivity.

Our consultants bring years of industry and functional expertise in change management, delivery leadership, and technology implementation to the table. We collaborate with executives, department heads, and IT teams to take inventory of company resources and determine who should have access to which systems and networks, and what tools should be put in place. In keeping with security innovation, we help clients implement Zero Trust models that enforce authentication verification across devices, user, transport/session, application, and data classification.

Committed to remaining technology agnostic, we also help clients select and manage vendors and solutions that are best-suited for the size and structure of their organizations, key business goals, operational requirements, and critical industry regulations. Working hand-in-hand with vendors and internal IT teams, our seasoned consultants help clients build customized solutions, develop protocols that align with desired results, and provide on-site support through employee training and program delivery.


Fortune 500 Company

SEI was engaged to provide identity management solutions to stem an increase in phishing attacks. We led an enterprise-wide initiative to implement a new SSO solution and vendor evaluation process for a two-factor authentication solution. The resulting measures simplified the login process and increased protection against remote attacks.

The Results

Attain a strengthened security posture that supports bottom line performance.

Our consultants are dedicated to building customized identity & access management frameworks that support productivity while enhancing security.

While every organization’s needs and requirements differ, effectively implementing new initiatives sometimes requires a culture shift across the organization. Working across different tiers of a client’s organization, we provide leadership on project and change management to create cross-departmental buy-in, ensure alignment around shared goals, establish clear communication and smooth employee onboarding, and enforce a data-driven approach to monitoring user behavior. We help organizations operationalize new strategies and systems by creating organization-wide momentum behind them.

Unlike other firms, SEI is committed to providing dedicated 360-degree support on every project. We roll up our sleeves when it matters most because we’re committed to driving real results for our clients. Whether clients require a complete transformation of their IAM framework with end-to-end support or simply a fresh outside perspective, SEI provides consistent on-site support to reduce risk and improve long-term security management, ultimately helping to lift clients’ organizations to the next level of security-based maturity.


Automotive Parts Company

SEI helped an automotive parts distributor research and derive a roadmap for implementing an organization-wide identity access & management program. Our consultants worked closely with the director of security and compliance to develop solutions, outline key deliverables, and an overall strategy for adoption.