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Building An Internal Talent Marketplace

By: Matt Robinson


By having a thorough understanding of the skills an organization’s workforce possesses, businesses can be better equipped for the future. Whether in helping teams address shifting industry changes or promoting cross-functional collaboration, having an internal talent marketplace can open up new opportunities for companies in any industry.

Sometimes referred to as a skills management system, competency management system, and skills matrix, internal talent marketplaces can act as centralized hubs where employees can showcase their expertise, interests, and career aspirations while also exploring new paths for growth and advancement. But not all internal talent marketplace platforms are deployed the same. Implementation can present a host of challenges if not approached carefully, such as underutilized features and a low adoption rate.

To avoid these challenges, utilizing a human-centered design (HCD) approach can help shape the product for current and future users’ needs, creating a data-driven system that’s tailored to the users’ unique preferences and objectives.

Learn more about how to take a holistic approach to implementing an internal talent marketplace, applying HCD and change management practices to develop a process that can maximize adoption, streamline processes, and better position your company for success.

Read the white paper here.


Matt Robinson


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