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Audits & Compliance

Mitigate risk while maximizing performance


The Challenge

Covering every regulatory base while remaining competitive can seem impossible.

In response to consumers’ demands for greater ownership of their personal data and visibility into corporate data collection and handling practices, federal and international governing bodies have passed a series of stringent regulations in recent years. Businesses no longer answer solely to their stakeholders and customers, but to governing bodies and the modern consumer. The challenges posed by compliance are compounded by the ever-growing pressure to rapidly deliver innovative products, services, and solutions. Organizations operating in nearly every industry should no longer view compliance as a box to be checked, but a unique opportunity to augment their competitive advantage by fine-tuning their digital strategy and aligning operations, data processes, and technologies with key business objectives.

Achieving compliance is an ongoing effort that involves orchestrating people, processes, and technologies to address immediate needs and anticipate future needs. As such, sustainable compliance solutions involve optimizing existing security infrastructure, data-handling procedures, and third-party relationships as well as implementing new mechanisms to demonstrate compliance and engaging in effective program and change management. Without a clear compliance roadmap and crucial stopgap measures to prevent audits from impacting operations, companies can easily become overwhelmed.

Data protection laws will likely continue to shake up every industry’s competitive landscape. Companies who fail to demonstrate compliance face hefty fines and disruptive audits. However, those that weave risk management and compliance into their operational fabric and technological infrastructure from the get-go free themselves to focus on innovating, delivering at speed, and driving growth.


Pharmaceutical Company

SEI helped a pharmaceutical company improve third-party vendor management, review due diligence processes, and achieve GDPR compliance. Our consultants collaborated with stakeholders to develop standard operating procedures for minimum global standards and implement a risk monitoring program to ensure compliance and effective due diligence activities.

Our Approach

Streamline compliance processes and procedures.

At SEI, we know that achieving compliance requires a systematic, sustained effort to optimize data operations. We also understand that tackling compliance is an opportunity to catalyze digital transformation and gain a lasting competitive advantage.

Taking a tailored approach to each client engagement, we help organizations conduct assessments of their procedures, identify their unique needs, and develop a customized roadmap for deploying new compliance solutions. Where other consultancies might simply lay out a compliance blueprint, we provide end-to-end delivery leadership and on-site support, equipping clients with the tools to achieve compliance and capitalize on new opportunities that drive short- and long-term business value.

We know that achieving compliance requires significant resources and can easily run over budget. Collaborating with executives, IT teams, and legal counsel, we select only the vendors and technologies that fit clients’ specific regulatory needs. With years of experience in change management under our belts, we know that organizational alignment is a critical component of success in compliance. From training sessions to technology implementation, we collaborate with your legal, IT, and business teams to generate buy-in across the organization, ensuring new initiatives, processes, and protocols stick.


Large Financial Services Company

SEI collaborated with a financial services company to define and stand up a compliance program for cybersecurity regulations. We helped select a risk assessment vendor, managed the risk assessment program, and assisted with the development and implementation of a compliance roadmap. The company achieved compliance and improved their cybersecurity risk posture.

The Results

Don’t just comply — thrive.

A sustained compliance program and investment in superior data governance set organizations up for long-term success. We help organizations conduct a thorough audit of the types of data they collect and share, who this data impacts, and how data analytics align with company objectives. Rather than leaving compliance as an afterthought, we build optimized compliance processes and systems into the operational framework of the organization, freeing the organization to focus on what really matters: creating value and driving growth.

By empowering organizations to leverage their compliance systems and processes to elevate overall business performance, SEI mitigates risk, drives operational efficiencies, and reduces cost losses, thereby fortifying business’ bottom lines. By steering change management programs in tandem with new compliance efforts, we create alignment across every level of the organization, spurring higher rates of cross-functional collaboration and employee engagement. By taking the time to develop an intimate understanding of every organization’s unique needs, we help clients capitalize on opportunities to recuperate value and increase revenue while guaranteeing seamless compliance.


Fortune 500 Company

SEI took over a GDPR readiness program two years into the process and helped accelerate delivery by building a compliance roadmap and improving program performance. By making key changes to the program’s structure and conducting a robust program assessment, SEI created clearer visibility into the company’s compliance risks and gaps.