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Exit Interview by Patrick Donegan – Newsletter #78

By: Patrick Donegan

Obviously, a lot has happened since we last touched base. Because of this, Exit Interview is going to be a bit different this week. 

Like many others, I’ve been hesitant to speak out about the Dobbs ruling and subsequent overturning of Roe v. Wade. The debate is incredibly complex and, for many, incredibly emotional. It is not my place or desire to convince you to feel one way or another about the decision handed down by the Supreme Court or the moral and ethical arguments surrounding it. 

However, personal beliefs do not negate the fact that this decision will inevitably make its way into every organization’s culture — if it hasn’t already. Employer-sponsored healthcare, interpersonal relationships, total compensation, and the impact on employees’ well-being — regardless of gender — are all things that directly tether this issue to the workplace. With the landscape officially and fundamentally shifted, we should all take time to reevaluate our strategies and objectives as leaders. In many ways, we are once again tasked with doing so in truly unprecedented times.  

My goal for this newsletter is the same as it always is: to offer insights that help you become a better leader. I am, as it likely won’t surprise you, not an expert in the subject, but I’ve spent a lot of time over the past week talking with those around me and reading — I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading. I believe the most effective way I can help you right now is by sharing some of the resources my colleagues and I have found to be the most insightful, thought-provoking, and actionable as we navigate our internal messaging, policies, and culture:

On remaining federal workplace laws, and their implications in a post-Roe landscape: Forbes, JDSupra, and this blog post from employment law expert Amy Epstein Gluck.

On supporting female employees with both short- and long-term initiatives: Harvard Business Review

On communicating benefits changes and internal messaging: SHRM, Insider

On delivering abortion-related benefits while protecting employee privacy: Bloomberg

On managing teams with conflicting views: Harvard Business Review

On the larger impact of abortion restriction on workforce diversity: Fortune

And finally, on recovering from work stress efficiently and effectively if all of this is just a bit overwhelming: Harvard Business Review

Next week (barring any other historic national events) Exit Interview will feature a guest author. I’ll see you in two weeks for our regularly scheduled programming.

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Patrick Donegan Chief Strategy Officer

Patrick Donegan

Chief Strategy Officer

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