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Why Your Data Strategy Needs Snowflake

By: Craig Morrow, Jennifer Habos


Thanks to the scalability of modern technology, the amount of data modern enterprises have access to today is astonishing. And when companies use that data intelligently, it can uncover powerful opportunities for businesses looking to grow, increase customer retention, and improve the overall quality of their services.

The issue is that many organizations don’t know how to utilize the large quantities of data they have available, and some simply don’t have the time. In a survey by Forbes, 95% of businesses who responded expressed that managing unstructured data was a significant problem for them. So how can organizations, no matter the industry, improve their data strategies and optimize their businesses using that data? The answer is Snowflake.

When a vast amount of resources are spent simply trying to manage data, actually analyzing that data and leveraging it to produce quantifiable growth falls to the wayside. Snowflake is the cost-effective data platform that can solve that problem once and for all.

Snowflake: A Power Data Strategy Solution

Snowflake is a cloud data platform that has quickly become a popular choice for companies hoping to better manage their data — and for a good reason. With a plethora of available platform solutions, its core offerings allow businesses of all sizes to store, process, and analyze data securely and at scale.

What Are the Benefits of Using Snowflake?

Snowflake offers services to cover many workloads: Data Engineering, Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Data Science, Data Applications, and Data Sharing. Snowflake’s advantage is that it provides managed services for all of these under a single, global platform, making data management and analysis more productive and streamlined.

Snowflake’s dedication to creating high-quality data management solutions has led to myriad benefits that companies can expect when using the Snowflake Data Cloud. These include, but are certainly not limited to the following.

Accelerated Decision Making

Companies can easily pull data from various sources and discover new insights to inform business decisions using the Snowflake engine. Legacy content such as subscription number history, or new content such as current revenue, can be used to produce data visualizations that make defining goals easier. Leveraging Snowflake leads to faster, more meaningful, and more reliable decision-making that offers a higher return on investment.


Snowflake’s simple-to-use platform empowers people with varying experience levels to jump in and optimize their organization’s data strategy with minimal training. Companies implementing Snowflake can leverage their existing technical resources without increasing headcount.


Scalability is a vital characteristic for both enterprises and their data strategies. Snowflake’s elastic engine allows for nearly infinite scalability without sacrificing performance, meaning companies can keep up with large quantities of concurrent user information as they grow.

Snowflake can also support multiple data sources across various clouds rather than under a single cloud. Because it’s technology agnostic, Snowflake’s functions are interchangeable and can be tailored to suit an organization’s growing needs.


One of the main issues data admins face today is how much time they spend managing data rather than interpreting it. Snowflake’s intelligent automation improves data management efficiency, so companies can instead spend their time extracting insights that can propel business growth.


The Snowgrid allows for seamless live data sharing across a business’s data ecosystem. Secure data sharing can be done between teams, partners, and even customers. Due to its cross-cloud governance controls, Snowflake data sharing brings confidence to its users, sparking high-level buy-in.

Who’s Using Snowflake?

Every industry benefits from an effective data strategy, which is why so many industries are turning to Snowflake. Building rich datasets and establishing a beneficial data ecosystem boosts operational efficiency, leading to increased revenue and ROI, improved service quality, and more.

And Snowflake is constantly updating its platform to help more businesses access these benefits. They even recently added a data cloud for the retail industry, expanding their workload services to an even broader customer base.

Here are just a few ways different industries are using Snowflake to manage their data:

  • Advertising, Media, and EntertainmentBoost advertising strategies
  • Financial Streamline regulatory reporting and meet compliance requirements
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences — Process medical images to improve patient insights
  • Education — Increase collaboration between schools, teachers, and students
  • Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) — Refine supply chain infrastructure and logistics
  • Technology — Deep dive into product usage and user behavior patterns
  • Public SectorImprove legacy systems and minimize downtime

Case Study: How SEI Helped A Global Media Company Leverage Snowflake

The above examples only scratch the surface of how Snowflake enables companies to make the most of their data. Snowflake can significantly transform how data can be processed and add depth to analyses — companies just need to know where and how to start.

When the client acquired a petabyte-sized amount of consumer marketing and segmentation assets, they approached SEI to help them extract applicable information from the data. To do so, we developed an automated program to pull data from Snowflake and create reports that could help visualize the success of their marketing tactics.

By making large-scale, real-time data palatable, key decision-makers could quickly see what was working and what was not. Being able to pivot advertising strategies and target consumers more precisely meant delivering more of what customers wanted while still hitting financial milestones.

Harness Your Data with SEI & Snowflake

Snowflake is the cost-effective, out-of-the-box solution your organization needs to stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re looking to get better insights into your market or improve cybersecurity by using secure data lakes, the specialists at SEI can show you how to leverage Snowflake to make the most out of your data.

Reach out to SEI today to avoid information paralysis and use your data more meaningfully.

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