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Responding To and Evolving with COVID-19


The novel coronavirus outbreak has changed everything: financial forecasts, business priorities, and even our economic future. No matter how much our paradigms have been upended, organizations can take action now to mitigate the damage, secure their futures, and seize opportunities.


A Message from our CEO

Despite the uncertainty around us, we’re prepared to continue meeting the needs of every client. We’re leveraging our robust digital infrastructure to keep moving the needle on critical projects. Learn more about how SEI is approaching business during COVID-19 through the words of Bill Gallagher, our CEO.

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Adapting to New Business Realities Together

In tumultuous times, remaining level-headed and bringing an agile mindset to bear on a portfolio of work is of the utmost importance. Over the last couple weeks, our consultants have quickly mobilized to help clients focus on essential actions to keep things rolling in the face of uncertainty.

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A Guide to COVID-19 Crisis Management

A pandemic like COVID-19 is unprecedented and, while there’s no blueprint for what’s ahead, we have a head start. Our crisis management framework can help you spot trouble before it starts, create a game plan, effectively triage priorities, and enact proactive risk management.

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Action and Success in Retail and CPG During the COVID-19 Crisis

Amidst the pandemic, the retail and CPG industries face unprecedented changes in demand, shifts to new products or channels, and availability of traditional revenue sources. Learn about the actions you can take right now to adjust to change, fulfill critical demand, and rise to the challenge of new business realities.

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The Rise of Telehealth in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

As healthcare organizations scramble to meet the needs of a newly remote patient population through telehealth, legacy systems and interoperability concerns cause roadblocks. Our deep experience with healthcare IT can help hospitals and other care centers roll out telehealth with minimal disruption.

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A Roadmap for Navigating the Media and Advertising Landscape During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With most 2020 marketing plans rendered irrelevant by COVID-19, the marketing and advertising industries have been forced to adjust. However, the pandemic also gives us opportunities to assess which tenets of marketing still apply – and which must evolve. In this piece, we explore how media and publishing companies can position themselves for a post-pandemic future.

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Implementing Telemedicine Programs During COVID-19 and Beyond

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, healthcare organizations are finding creative ways to reach patients with telemedicine and remote care technologies. This white paper explores the path to telemedicine adoption and the ways to ensure long-term success.

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How the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Changing Work as We Know It

The COVID-19 pandemic has entirely changed how we live and work – possibly permanently. As companies prepare for long-term changes to office life, collaboration, self-care, and work relationships will be of primary importance.

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Returning to Your Office Responsibly in the Wake of COVID-19

A return to physical offices might seem like a pipe dream now, but it’s key to start preparing for re-entry now. Here’s how monitoring, workforce transition planning, office space considerations, and change management all play into a re-entry strategy.

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