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Tackling Healthcare Challenges with SEI Atlanta Consultant Rosie Tang

By: SEI Team


Rosie Tang recently joined SEI Atlanta, and she has already experienced the support and knowledge SEI offers collaborators and colleagues. 

Rosie got her professional start working for a start-up and an electronic health records company. These jobs sparked her passion for healthcare and management, and led her to a Masters in Public Health (MPH) in policy and management from Emory University. After receiving her MPH, Rosie dove into consulting at a large firm. There, she gained the breadth of her healthcare knowledge by delving into health plans, working with hospital systems, and developing strategy for innovative, non-traditional health professionals. 

Before arriving at SEI, Rosie worked for a hospital in Atlanta helping them manage patient experience and surgery process improvements. This opportunity deepened her healthcare expertise, but she was looking to return to consulting. As Rosie puts it, “nothing beats the range of experience that consulting offers. ”  

Supporting Teamwork for Top-Notch Solutions

SEI’s unique operating model and size helped draw Rosie back to consulting, and she joined the Atlanta office in March 2021. Where her prior consulting experience had made her feel disconnected from her colleagues and her community, SEI’s locally-based model and small group size allows Rosie to help local healthcare communities solve pressing industry problems. 

SEI team members rely on each other for project assistance by leveraging depth, breadth, and experience across all topics. Since becoming an SEI consultant, Rosie has been impressed with the caliber of her colleagues and the support she’s received since joining. “There is an intimacy about SEI that piqued my interest,” Rosie reveals. “In my short time here, I’ve already had a number of positive outreach experiences.” 

Meeting the Needs for Tomorrow’s Healthcare

Rosie is currently helping a large healthcare company develop a strategy for implementing technology-partnership connected platforms in order to transform healthcare. Today, the healthcare pathway is broken up by silos, high cost, and extreme inequitable access — this project’s purpose is, in Rosie’s own words, to understand the evolution of healthcare, trends, and position in the market, by “continuously collaborating with leadership to understand the effects informed prioritizations could have on strategic direction.” SEI helps prepare these healthcare enterprises for the future by enabling enterprises to bring opportunities directly to customers.

As patients become more knowledgeable about their own care, they will demand increased control in their healthcare interactions. Rosie sees two reactions emerging in the healthcare industry. The first is an awareness of the need for vertical integration. 

 “It’s common to hear of hospital systems merging or acquiring other clinics and facilities to expand geographical reach,” Rosie explains. However, the inability for different healthcare segments to quickly and accurately work together has created gaps in critical care operations. These silos have generated opportunities to disrupt established healthcare companies for whom horizontal integration has generally been the priority. As a result, new entrants in healthcare such as CVS, Walmart, and Amazon are eying the opportunity to act as connectors and technology enhancers. 

The other reaction is a push to address the social determinants of health. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the role that environment plays in an individual’s health. Personal backgrounds impact healthcare opportunities, and healthcare is often built to target specific segments of our population while leaving others on the fringe. To tackle growing healthcare disparities, technology-driven platforms that support “care anywhere” features — remote monitoring, virtual applications, telehealth and video appointments, and more — will rapidly grow and develop. This trend feeds into the need for vertical integration, as many new platforms will have technological and market-place experiences promoting “care anywhere” features that traditional healthcare endeavors lack.  

How SEI Helps Solve Healthcare Challenges 

Rosie feels confident in SEI Atlanta’s ability to face these upcoming challenges in the healthcare sector. SEI’s processes enable consultants to approach healthcare projects at multiple points throughout its development, ensuring optimal problem-solving every step of the way. This agility also allows SEI internal team members to “tap on each other,” as Rosie calls it, and offer essential knowledge throughout the development process. Unlike firms with a narrower focus, SEI staff members are extremely well-versed across healthcare and technological industries. This provides collaborators with the optimum expertise in regards to any and all relevant topics.

As an SEI consultant, Rosie is on the forefront of healthcare industrial developments and creating innovative healthcare system implementations. At SEI Atlanta, Rosie gets to take part in cutting-edge healthcare ecosystem transformations while working alongside equally committed colleagues who are happy to set her up for success. “Not only are people willing to help me when I’ve asked,” Rosie explains, “but the amount of fruitful collaborations here has been eye-opening.”