Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple

Mar 28, 2013   |   By Rob Seichter

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our SEI–New York office in the coming months!  We’ve started to lay the groundwork and are excited about the prospects for our newest branch.  Based on initial discussions with candidates, it’s clear that our local delivery model will resonate with talented professionals who want to pursue a challenging consulting career without the road warrior lifestyle.  For those people, SEI-New York presents a ground floor opportunity with the excitement of a start-up and the financial backing of a successful consulting firm with 20 years of experience in Atlanta, Boston, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Phoenix.  It provides consultants with the opportunity to lead exciting client engagements while helping to build a business and define its success while giving client prospects a local partner who has the flexibility to support them without flying in resources from all over the country.

If you’re familiar with SEI or have researched us on sites like Glassdoor or LinkedIn, it’s no secret that culture is the most important aspect of our business.  As we open a new office, one of our biggest considerations is how to find someone who can instill our culture and operating style in the new entity, and lead that office through the start-up phase and beyond.  The best way to understand the SEI culture is to have lived it.  This explains why we’ve had pretty good success opening new offices by transplanting resources from other SEI offices.

SEI-New York will follow the same model.  Jason Davis will be relocating from our Boston office to help us build a footprint in the Big Apple.  For the past several years, we have been grooming him to take on a new office and he and his family (which includes a new baby boy) are ready to take on that challenge.  Jason was a driving force behind the success of SEI-Boston and has served in numerous roles throughout the company.  Over the years, Jason has developed a deep understanding of our culture and operating model, and earned the respect of the extended SEI family and client community.  He is approaching this new opportunity with his eyes wide open to the challenges ahead of him and we are excited to see what he and his team will be able to accomplish.

Please join us in congratulating Jason on his new role and stay tuned for more updates on SEI-New York!

Interested in the opportunity or know someone who we should talk to? Here’s more information on the opportunity.

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