Our Approach

“At SEI, our approach is simple – hire only the best consultants, support them through a collaborative culture free of hierarchy and bureaucracy, and empower them to participate as owners of our business.”

Bill GallagherCEO

In 1992, Dan Pierce was at a crossroads in his consulting career; get out of the consulting business altogether, or find a consulting firm that more adequately reflected his values. As he thought about the issues he continued to see across the consulting business, it came down to a few key points; consistent delivery that clients could count on, commitment and loyalty to the organization and collaboration between colleagues to provide greater value to the client.

To overcome these issues, Dan knew that employees needed a company that would offer more than just a job; they needed a sense of community, security, mutual respect and trust. With these needs met, consultants would be free to focus their talents on client needs. In August of 1992, Dan founded SEI in Cincinnati, Ohio following 4 core values; Excellence, Participation, Integrity and Collaboration. They energize our people and allow us the opportunity to showcase our intellectual capital. These core values served as the basis of our operations then and continue to permeate all areas of our business.

“I wanted to be a part of a small company who I genuinely liked, trusted, and respected. And at the end of the day we could all feel like we did something worthwhile, had each other’s back, and didn’t have to sacrifice our integrity in order to provide a good living for our families.”

Dan PierceFounder

Today, our company has grown to 10 local offices – Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington, DC. We continue to hire seasoned professionals with extensive experience and knowledge across industries and functions. Our consultants live, volunteer and raise families in the same communities where they work; creating long-term, sustainable relationships with our clients.

SEI is entirely employee owned, so our consultants own and manage the business with a shared focus on client delivery. And our flat model ensures that there aren’t any competitive roadblocks that prevent collaboration across offices – providing local expertise combined with nationwide support and knowledge resources beyond a single consultant.

“What would it take to deliver consistency that our clients can count on, so that they know what to expect each and every time they do business with us. No A team and no B team – just seasoned professionals with similar values, talents, and motivation.”

Dan PierceFounder

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