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SEI Atlanta Consultant Mitchel Gorecki on Machine Learning and the Future of Data & Analytics

By: SEI Team


After graduating from the Duke University Pratt School of Engineering, Mitchel Gorecki joined a startup as a data scientist, writing machine learning algorithms to trade ads in a high-frequency marketplace. He was part of a team that grew to 450 and went public in 2014. Prior to joining SEI, he earned his MBA — also at Duke — and was a co-founder of Alcove, a venture funded marketplace for coliving. In 2021, he transitioned to a board position and found that he had more free time to pursue new projects.

However, Mitchel did not consider a position in consulting until a friend reached out to him about SEI. “SEI sold me on a solid vision,” he says. “When we spoke, they really wanted to hear about the technical details — I got the sense I was talking to seasoned experts.” SEI consultants understand the complexities of solutions implementing D&A solutions, and they’re capable of bringing technical expertise to the table. 

AI, Machine Learning, and the Analytics Revolution

As a data scientist and entrepreneur, Mitchel was accustomed to working with billions of data points and developing sophisticated machine learning strategies. As a consultant, he keeps his eye on innovative developments in data and analytics that might create meaningful changes. “Machine learning is easily one of the biggest developments today,” Mitchel explains. “Big data analytics and machine learning are actively revolutionizing our lives.” 

“For instance, self-driving cars will have a significant impact in the labor market and our everyday lives,” Mitchel says. Automation through self-driving vehicles will bring massive changes to the transportation industry and global supply chains. “When trucks can drive themselves for a significantly lower cost, we will see improved efficiency and changes to how human capital is allocated,” he proposes. “The world as we know it will be restructured.” He anticipates challenges to implementation and problems with regulation — but he also looks forward to innovative, cutting-edge solutions that will rise to meet them. 

According to Mitchel, when it comes to implementing data and analytics solutions for clients, the core challenge remains structuring data and extracting actionable insights. “Data structuring is necessary for making the right decisions and maximizing value,” he explains. Data structuring — including the frequency of data collection and recall — is as essential as data collection. “At SEI, we’re prepared to carry out implementations that help clients find valuable insights,” he added.

SEI’s Strengths and What the Future Holds 

SEI consultants are dedicated to solving business problems with industry-leading technologies and implementing accessible and useful tools for a variety of organizations. Although he is new to the company, Mitchel already embraces the firm’s unique work culture. “The ownership structure at SEI creates an environment where great people thrive,” Mitchel explains. He notes that SEI’s work environment encourages collaboration — which is easily the company’s greatest asset. 

“SEI has an incredibly knowledgeable team that is well-versed in implementing technical solutions,” Mitchel says. But as he explains, expertise alone is not enough. By leveraging what he calls “hyper-transparent communication,” SEI consultants can align quickly and solve problems with efficiency. “One of the biggest issues with software development is scope creep and poor communication,” he observes. “SEI does a phenomenal job at handling these common pitfalls.”

At present, Mitchel is excited about what his future at the company holds. “In the near future, I believe SEI will encounter projects that address the machine learning revolution,” he says.“I also get to work with an incredibly talented group of individuals who have a shared sentiment about team success — it’s like a second family from day one.”